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Enabling Digital Transformation – Managed Services In Telecom Industry

Enabling Digital Transformation – Managed Services In Telecom Industry

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Enabling Digital Transformation – Managed Services In Telecom Industry
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Our client is a leading provider of broadband services in Europe and serves more than one third of households in its territory. Their customers require inter-city as well as intra-city data center to data center connectivity at a very high speed scaling up to 1000mbps. So they need to strategize their processes in such a way that their operations become highly responsive. At the same time due to fiercely competitive market they need to keep their operating costs low.


Having realized the changing industry scenario they understood that digital transformation was inevitable for healthy survival. But they needed to overcome a few challenges to achieve their goal.

  • Engineering: The processes were not well established and had multiple loopholes. So they lacked good customer service due to no visibility at multiple nodes in the process chain.
  • Organizational Change: Digital transformation meant shift in technology and processes across the organization. This invited initial resistance from staff as they were skeptical to adapt to a new technological landscape.
  • Inefficient resource utilization: A huge portion of employees’ time was being spent on admin and other unproductive tasks, so less time was spent on doing actual sales or innovative work.
  • Long pipelines: Lack of visibility across the chain and engagement of majority resources in unproductive tasks resulted in low operational efficiency and responsiveness, building long pipelines of unaddressed customer requests and complaints.
  • Customer retention: Customers started switching towards competitors in their quest to find a better service provider, making customer and market share retention difficult.
  • Risk Mitigation: They desired to be better prepared for the market by enhancing the risk taking capabilities and always having the contingency plan in place.
  • Inefficient technical advisory: They needed a technical advisory panel to help them with the basic knowhow of the new technology advancements and suggest timely upgrades


Our team started the project with assessment of their needs to determine their desired results and the required level of support. With our wide portfolio of managed services we were able to successfully partner with them and resolve their challenges:

  • We designed a unique dashboard in their sales cloud, containing information entered at every stage which would be visible and accessible to multiple users as per their requirements.
  • We designed tools to look after the enhanced Sales Pipeline and Opportunity management process including contract management.
  • We fabricated a complaints and compensation management solution utilizing Service Cloud Email to Case and SLA management functionality.
  • We jointly worked with the client’s architecture council, security and privacy teams to ensure compliance of our tailor-made solution to their organizational policies and guidelines.
  • We also worked with them to evaluate their entire user environment including staff and partner organizations to understand how they needed to interact and developed an IT roadmap for establishing a strong technological platform to scale with their expected business growth.
  • Our advisors acted as their full time IT staff, managing and monitoring their networks, maintaining a secure organization and an external helpdesk function to manage a full range of technology issues from printing problems to resetting passwords.
  • By providing them with access to a wide portfolio of knowledgeable and proficient IT professionals we let their teams focus on core mission and supported deployment of new technology among their staff, especially the sales team, ensuring rapid adoption of new applications.
  • We monitor their IT systems remotely 24 hours a day, identifying and preventing the problems before they can become serious.
  • Our team not just performs timely software updates and advises them on new and necessary hardware/software upgrades but also conducts quarterly reviews of their network performance and advises their leadership, thus helping them to make wise technology decisions.


  • Enhanced Adaptation to new technology: Over 200 front-line employees are using Salesforce to support and sell to customers.
  • Improved Communication: Better sales information entry improved the communication across teams and hence the visibility across the process, bringing spotlight on the loopholes or issues being faced at any stage.
  • Better customer service: The complexity of customer complaint and request management system reduced, enabling them to focus better on clearing customer requests and grievances pipelines through improved automation.
  • Continuously Expanding Accounts: Their Sales has gone high and they have been able to connect more than 1200 building on their network.
  • Increased Productivity and reduced costs: Our cost-effective infrastructure monitoring solution gave them high levels of attentiveness and technological support, enhancing the concentration of internal staff on core competencies. This increased productivity and reduced cost.
  • More efficient back-up: The continuous monitoring and periodic feedback process made them aware and better prepared to handle the upcoming situations and reduced the risks.