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A client of ours, serving over 18000 students identified the need to upgrade their learning management system that they hadn’t updated from over 5 years; into something that would be simple enough for kindergarten students, efficient and effective enough for high school students, interesting and flexible enough for all. Their legacy system was currently not working up to pace with fast growing technically innovative system of education. Moreover, they were having regular troubles regarding the communication of student’s progress to their parents. They needed a more robust system that would create more and more involvement of students, parents and teachers in the entire learning process.


  • To build a media rich LMS incorporating digital innovations in the form of education.
  • Personalize the learning experience by designing customized courses and learning schedules as per the requirements, interests and capabilities of individual students.
  • Ease of grading student assessments and tracking performance
  • Provide a portable tool which would support mobile usage and allow online communication among students and teachers.
  • Keep the parents informed and equally involved in their kid’s learning process.


They conducted discussions with many partners to get the solution. After evaluating all the solution offerings from multiple partners, they delegated Teqfocus to design a solution. To incorporate all the required features in a single tool we underwent a detailed planning process involving the client and our technical expert team. The result came out in the form of a uniquely designed tool that not just successfully passed all the tests and sufficed client requirement but also gave additional benefits to their growth as an organization.

  • We build a mastery-based LMS which provides teachers with a professional offering tool creatingthe next generation visual curriculum in a market place to put that content.
  • Core learning was focusing on personalized studies, so here we have added some new features that make this application unique form the applications already available in market such as:
    • Digital Curriculum
    • Personalized Playlists
    • Micro-Credential Badges
    • Lesson & Assessment Authoring
  • It is a versatile web application platform that provides convenience of smart learning to the students.
  • The tool supports mobile usage. So, it is now possible for students to communicate with teachers across the locations through online communication.
  • This tool also features the notification alert to parents about their ward’s assignments, any remarks from the teachers and their assessment etc.
  • The tool came with special training program feature for teachers to enrich the skillset of the teachers.


  • The LMS being media rich and more personalized interested the students to engage more and more into learning process.
  • Teachers could design the personalized courses for individual students as per their needs and interests.
  • In the mastery-based learning system, the students were evaluated to prove their mastery in the given level before progressing to the next level.
  • The real time collaborations between students and teachers encouraged the students to be more and more intuitive and gain more and more knowledge, hence improving their results.
  • The system being simple to use made it easier for teachers.
  • The parents could now be more watchful about their kids’ activities, assignments and results at school through the notifications that they received and could take necessary actions wherever required like guiding in the assignments and projects as well as directing them to the right path.
  • The overall results of the students being trackable, improved drastically bringing the school ahead in ranking.
  • The special training programs included for teachers was a cherry on the top as now the teachers were better trained to educate their students.
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