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Top 5 Trends In DevOps

DevOps is an approach to software development which integrates developers and operations team in order to improve collaboration and productivity by automating infrastructure, automating workflows and continuously measuring application performance. Its acceptance has increasingly increased over the years and has become the most popular buzzword in the software development world in 2019. It has brought[...]
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Adopting remote working in Teqfocus to enable virtual distancing possible during this COVID-19 Pandemic

How well an organization weathers the effects of the COVID-19 outbreak will depend a great deal on how effectively it cares for its employees. Being faced with this unprecedented challenge of responding to this health crisis, we want you to know that our commitment and responsibility towards you and our communities has never been stronger[...]
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E-Learning technology and challenges during current lockdown

With the shift of mainstream education towards e-learning many online Learning Management Systems (LMS), video conferencing tools and messaging platforms have gained popularity worldwide. While many education institutes, both K12 and HigherEd were already using this medium, many others are now racing towards it. The institutes which were already using these platforms have had a[...]
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