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A few decades back were those telephones – that sat on desks and hung on walls. And slowly the Internet took over. All at once, people could communicate on their clunky desktop computers.

Undoubtedly, we’ve come a long way since those early days, when IT and telecommunications were essentially separate. As telecommunications technology evolved and as IT did the same, there was no doubt about the coming merger of these two phenomena. Technology and communication has grown and has advanced to such a great extent that not all sectors are able to fully make use of it because of their internal challenges.

The communication enterprise services should seamlessly connect people, business processes and devices. The network infrastructure and support systems need to be upgraded to facilitate the connected lifestyle and work culture of subscribers for navigating from ‘Now’ to the ‘Next Communication Services’ and this can be achieved only when there is the right flavor of advanced Technology added to the communication Industry.

These are our Focal Points to give you the Best

Our Business Consulting skills and the introduction of agile methodologies focus on understanding your customers and their needs better.

In the world of business, landing a customer is only the beginning — maintaining the customer is the true test. We help you in understanding your customers by implementing game-changing technologies and then targeting them with the highly personalised offers leading to an excellent customer experience and maximum customer Satisfaction.

This can be achieved by adding the right flavor of Technology and Innovation. We help you in analysing and implementing the best technologies to target more customers towards your organization for your services by following the Industry-based best practices.

The customer experience is increasingly becoming Omni-channel as customer interactions integrate physical, online, and mobile digital touch points throughout the purchasing journey.

To keep pace with the changing behavior of consumers and the increasingly competitive and rapidly evolving market, Teqfocus helps Communications companies to rethink and realign their business models and implement technologies to maximize new opportunities while maintaining cost efficiencies and preventing customer churn.

Teqfocus helps in creating the frontend applications more agile, flexible and easily modified and also helps in leveraging advanced analytics to uncover the data insights for the visibility of –

  • Determining who the potential customers are
  • Refine the marketing approach
  • Identify upsell and cross channel offers
  • Convert prospects into customer
  • Connect customers to more personalized journeys

We address the complexities of planning and implementing a telecom with its industry-leading Communications Industry Framework.

Communication Industry thriving in this new era is successfully leveraging on premise cloud and hybrid platforms to change the way they manage, relate to, and share with different stakeholders.

Teqfocus capitalizes on various CRM’s powerful platform as well as the infrastructure the client has already invested in.

Working with Teqfocus Industry experts, you will reduce implementation time and risk by leveraging the pre-configured, pre-tested core functionality yet maintain the ability to customize the solution to meet your unique business requirements.

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    We believe in consistently innovating the best ways to fulfil customers’ needs by creating individual tactics that are the building blocks in a larger Digital Marketing Strategy.


    Our vision is to consistently provide superior information technology services in a timely and affordable manner through a work environment that emphasizes responsiveness and integrity while promoting long-term, seamless partnerships based on mutual respect.


    We aim in providing successful and end to end user experience journey services to our clients leading to the increase in their revenue and 100% customer satisfaction.

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