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Community Cloud is a social platform for Salesforce that lets your organization connect, communicate, and collaborate with customers, donors, partners, and employees.

Customers, partners and workers alike expect self-service tools, access to knowledge, and a connection with peers with a consumer grade experience. Community Cloud on the Salesforce platform makes all this possible.

Our Experts help you create thriving Communities. This includes laying out the related vision, goals, and objectives and elaborating on advanced adoption strategies. Salesforce communities can be created quickly and deployed for immediate interaction with your customers, partner and employees.


Allows members to log in and interact with your company or organization.

Customer Community can help your users to-

  • Troubleshoot with self-service or help desk support.
  • Access your data and resources.
  • Process invoices and payments.
  • Manage automatically-recurring purchases, donations, or subscriptions.
  • Browse upcoming events and register.

Enables a company and its value-added resellers (VARs) to coordinate and close deals with buyers. 2 or more partners can control a potential sale agreement with an outside purchaser as it goes through negotiation.
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