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Non-Profits these days are facing a lot of challenges. Some of them are finding the money to accomplish the mission, Staffing, Strategic planning/setting priorities, Managing donor and funder expectations, retention of staffs and many more.

Implementing the right technology can really help the non-profits to overcome the multiple issues.

Teqfocus’ dedicated non-profits services team utilizes deep expertise in various technologies to build customized solutions tailored to the needs of the non-profit community. We’ve helped multiple organizations with their missions and continued to foster relationships with non-profits around the world.

The mobile and social era has changed the way non-profits connect with their supporters. And with increased competition for philanthropic dollars and time, successful non-profits must deliver the anytime, anywhere, collaborative experience today’s donors and volunteers expect.

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We leverage our unique experience of working with large-scale clients in the commercial sector and apply a thoughtful approach to implementing game-changing technologies for non-profit organizations.

Our experts have helped multiple non-profit organizations in managing the donation cycle from pledge to payment including individual donations and grants. We help in getting a full picture of the donors, volunteers, clients and others in one place — including activity history, giving history, programs and events attended, and any custom information.

We help in streamlining the grants prospecting, management and reporting with powerful automation and real-time analytics to maintain the specific organizational process, stay within the budget and more effectively manage the grants.

Implementation of technology can helps to efficiently recruit, track, and manage volunteers. This also help to track volunteer skills, qualifications and trainings; schedule and monitor volunteer events and shifts; recognize and retain volunteers and generate powerful reports and analytics in real-time.

From frontline fundraisers and volunteer managers to major gifts officers and back office services,We help non-profits grow relationships with a 360-degree view of the organization and every supporter with anytime, anywhere access by implementing some hit CRMs, one of them is salesforce.

Built for the social and mobile era, these CRMs for Non-profits can connect your entire non-profits, so you can collaborate seamlessly with your entire community of staff, partners and supporters and to transform the world on a scale never before possible and deliver more impact.

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