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Process Optimization for An EdTech Company Using AWS Cloud

Process Optimization for An EdTech Company Using AWS Cloud

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Education technology has played a major role in the students’ learning experience over the last two decades. Although educational software and tools have enabled many institutes, implementation inside the classrooms has not always been an easy task. Many teachers and administrators have expressed dissatisfaction and stated challenges in obtaining, installing, and using technology to enhance their students’ educations.

Among the different challenges, there are a few issues that need immediate attention and solutions i.e., unreliable devices and software, test-based technical glitches, no systems in place to use the technology, resistance to change from the administrators, etc. In this case study, we can see how Teqfocus assisted Hobsons with their client’s specific and unforeseen EdTech challenges.

About the client:

Hobsons is a leading EdTech company based in the US that provides cloud-based software for educational institutes. Hobsons has helped more than 15 million students in improving students’ outcomes, college and career readiness. As of today, it has supported over 45 million students globally by creating a change in the way education systems work using their educational expertise and solutions.


Here’s a list of the challenges faced by Hobsons:

  • On-premise infrastructure was still being used for some of their platforms and solutions. As a result, scale and growth was not cost efficient, considering uncertainty of costs.
  • Upgrades and improvements necessitated longer time frames. Furthermore, backup and disaster recovery systems were not well optimized.
  • Reduce the time and effort necessary to complete mortgage loans owing to excessive paperwork and data cross-verification from several stakeholders.
  • They were still running on outdated software that couldn’t be upgraded to the AWS Cloud.
  • The monitoring tools were not well adapted to provide quick information to the proper group of stakeholders in the case of any alerts/events.

The Teqfocus Team Solution:

  • The initial approach was to move their workloads to Amazon Web Services (AWS). Our engineering team redesigned or rearchitected workloads that couldn’t be transferred to AWS directly in order to shift them to AWS.
  • Second, working closely with the DevOps team, we automated their disaster recovery process on AWS. We implemented an autoscaling process based on the incoming load from end-users, and put an automated deployment strategy in place across the environments.
  • The project covered ten production environments and twenty non-production environments that handled the basic infrastructure, spinning up AWS instances utilizing IAC tools (Terraform). In addition, to accommodate the fast-paced K8s releases quarter-by-quarter, more than 30 Kubernetes landscape tools and other DevOps tools were used to deliver vital services.
  • The logging and monitoring tools were set up to handle any created events across the landscape.

Outcome with Teqfocus:

  • Due to a well-designed and well executed migration strategy, Hobsons can now observe better price estimation and savings after moving to the Cloud.
  • Because of the automated DevOps approach provided by Teqfocus solutions,the failure incident rate was cut down significantly.
  • The CloudOps teams are now capable of handling both infrastructure and application logging, alerting, and monitoring.
  • As and when alerts/events are created, relevant stakeholders are now rightfully notified through established communication channels at the proper time.

Services and Tools used:

About Teqfocus:

Teqfocus is an AWS Advanced Consulting Partner company based in Toronto, Canada. We aim to find a more valuable, less invasive way for clients in the EdTech industry to use digital tools and techniques that improve the student experience, grow, and optimize the mission to educate. We are deployed by industry-leading growth companies to transform their experience in providing equal access to educational resources.

If you wish to know more about the next best digital transformation strategy that will benefit your organization, feel free to contact us