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Salesforce Sales Cloud is a customer relationship management platform designed to support sales, marketing and customer support in both business-to-business and business-to-customer contexts.

Get more Leads, close more deals, accelerate productivity and make insightful decisions by getting a complete view of your customer. Sales Cloud can help you to run your business with efficiency.

Close More Deals by
  • Manage Contacts: Gain a 360 view of your customers by seeing activity history, social media insights, communication history and more.
  • Manage Opportunities: Check out and analyse the details on all of your team’s opportunities, including stage, probability of close, total amount and more.
Give Your Business
  • Data Cleanse: It’s impossible to make smart decisions without quality data. Teqfocus helps in removing duplicated data and maintain the high-quality relevant data within all the systems.
  • Data Validation: There’s more to good data than removing duplicates. To truly have good data, a business must improve data quality.
  • Data Modeling: Teqfocus works with clients to define the ideal data model based on Salesforce best practice recommendations, key performance indicators and known initiatives and growth plans.
Make Smarter
  • Reports: Build reports on any part of your company’s pipeline quickly and easily with drag and drop functionality.
  • Dashboards: See all of your important data at a glance with Salesforce’s native dashboards.
  • Integrate with multiple applications – mass email marketing tools, Website, Databases, ERP systems and many more.
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