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Teqfocus believes that Customer Experience is the ultimate competitive factor in the digital age. Bringing together our strategic know-how, creative capabilities, mobile app expertise, and ability to tie it all together on a single platform like Salesforce allows us to help you transform the digital Customer Experience.
Service process and

Inspire Innovation with Intelligent Programs

Say bye-bye to “hold, please” with the only AI-powered service platform designed for the modern era. Empower your customers to get answers fast with self-service portals that help reduce wait time for them. Increase agent productivity and customer satisfaction with real-time, omni-channel insights from Einstein Supervisor Insights.

Make service agents more productive by automating processes.

Eliminate manual and repetitive work by automating tasks. Speed up agents by automating email responses, field updates, and task assignments. We can help you build automated processes on any aspect of your company’s case resolution process quickly and easily.
360˚ Omni Channel Customer

Unlock legacy customer data for a unified, 360-degree customer view

This product personally connects with each customer how they want to and the second they need to. Salesforce Service Cloud is a platform that unlocks customer legacy data aligning service, sales and marketing with a 360-degree view of each customer and Teqfocus can help building your system on this as per your needs

Deliver an omni-channel customer experience.

This is a platform that scales with you; providing customer with the consistent, convenient and omni channel experience across every channel- social, web, text, email, call, products and many more.

Make complex service processes simple and Turn Customers Happier than Before

When your agents have a seamless user experience and unified view of customer information, everyone is happy. Easy-to-use agent desktop and dashboards reduce case time. Reach new levels of productivity and operational efficiency by making customers happier with service cloud.

Faster Case Resolution

Don’t waste time fumbling around disparate systems looking for customer case information and past interactions. Get happy users out the door quicker than ever before with Service Cloud’s case management system.
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