Salesforce Webinar: Maximize Customer Revenue with Salesforce and Teqfocus


Maximize Customer Revenue
with Salesforce

Date: 23, Aug 2022 Tuesday
Time: 11:30 AM – 12:15 PM IST


87% of global IT decision-makers will hasten their migration to the cloud, with 74% expecting nearly all workloads to be in the cloud within the next five years.

Are you using Salesforce CRM to address your business goals? Whether you’re looking to increase demand, improve the overall pipeline process, increase selling velocity, or streamline quote generation, Teqfocus helps you achieve predictable business outcomes. The overwhelming issues that businesses face today may be easily and methodically addressed with total visibility into tasks and processes.

Improve company performance. Achieve competitive advantage. Expand real-time data visibility to suppliers and end-users to mitigate the common risks associated with migrations and implementations. Give your SalesForce instance the Teqfocus advantage!

This webinar gives you a ringside view into how you can improve customer, supplier, and stakeholder engagement alike by:

  • Making your communication process systematic
  • Avoiding multiple contacts and contradictory messaging
  • Clear distinction of the different sales stages and transparency in reporting
  • Not missing out on a single opportunity

Beyond engagement and streamlined communication, Salesforce is key to effectively managing revenue streams, thus contributing to increased profitability.

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Avi Kumar

Associate Director – Business Operations

Avi Kumar is a Business Strategist and Executive with a proven track record of increasing revenue and shareholder value. He is a seasoned executive with a diverse background that includes Business Operations, Sales, Sales Operations, and Partner Enablement. At Teqfocus, Avi is essential in breaking down silos and establishing a streamlined and effective sales and partner engagement process.

Onkar-Bhake (2)

Onkar Bhake

Account Executive – Salesforce

With Close to 10 years of sales, customer success, and growth initiative roles, Onkar has collaborated with influencers across many industries. He has enabled customers to find solutions for Information Security, E-commerce, Data Analytics, Business Process Automation, and CRM tools. At Salesforce, he strives to empower businesses to strengthen upon their sales, service, and marketing functions.

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Key Takeaways


Sales People should sell more


Predictive and guided selling


Data Security & Reporting


Avoid data leaks