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Transform Pharma Commercial Business with Gen AI Tech | TeqNext

A Four Phase Adoption system

Phase 1

Customer Data

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Phase 2


Data Warehouse & Content Management System

Phase 3


BI Visualization and Data Analytics

Phase 4

Al Enabled

Gen Al-Based Orchestration & Automation Solution

Empower your Pharma Sales Teams

Sales Rep Co-pilot

A co-pilot in the sales process, providing strong support to sales representatives to help double their productivity, and ensuring each sales interaction is set for success.

Key Features

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AI-guided selling

Vector (8)

Sales operations automation

Vector (9)

AI-enabled route planning

Vector (10)

AI-conversational knowledge base

AI Platform for Pharma Marketing | Teqnext

Benefits for Pharma Sales Team

Sales Processes

Optimize sales planning, territory management, and resource allocation for maximum efficiency and results.


Simplify daily call report submissions with intuitive tools, saving time and improving accuracy.


Adjust strategies quickly with real-time data and insights, keeping your team one step ahead.

Truly Pharma Omnichannel Marketing

Omnichannel Marketing

AI-driven omnichannel engagements, ensuring interactions with HCPs are strategic and goal-oriented, fostering enhanced responsiveness and engagement.

Key Features


Real-time HCP Segmentation

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Campaign Management

Frame (2)

AI-enabled Content Personalization

Frame (3)

AI-generated Ads

AI Platform for Pharma Sales Reps | Teqnext

Benefits for Pharma Marketing Teams

Campaign Execution

Launch and manage effective marketing campaigns across multiple channels with ease.


Reach the right healthcare professionals with precise segmentation and tailored messaging.


Create comprehensive engagement journeys, ensuring consistent and impactful communication at every touchpoint.

Commercial Analytics for a 360° View

Commercial Analytics

Commercial analytics that redefines the way real-time business analytics are extracted, helping businesses navigate through commercial challenges intelligently.

Key Features

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Customized Role- based Dashboards

Frame (5)

AI-Natural Language Insights

Frame (6)

Omnichannel Attribution


Real-time Predictive Insights

AI Platform for Sales and Marketing | Teqnext

Benefits for Pharma Analytics Teams

Advanced Data Interpretation

Harness complex data sets to extract meaningful insights, enabling a deeper understanding of market trends and healthcare dynamics.

Predictive Modeling

Utilize sophisticated algorithms to predict patient outcomes and drug efficacy, aiding in the development of more targeted and effective pharmaceutical solutions.

Efficiency in Research
and Development

Streamline the R&D process by analyzing vast amounts of data, identifying potential drug interactions and side effects early in the development cycle.

The Power of AI + Data + CRM + Trust + EQ


Integrate diverse data sources, including CRM, mobile apps, legacy systems, websites, and more, into a unified platform for comprehensive insights.


Utilize AI to provide real-time, personalized experiences for healthcare professionals, elevating your engagement strategy.

Mobile App

Empower your teams with tools for efficient daily planning, sample management, call reporting, and e-Detailing, all from TeqNext mobile app.

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