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Global leaders in Salesforce Consulting Services.We deliver the right success in your digital transformation journey

If you’re looking to implement Salesforce in your business or looking
to enhance your existing Salesforce CRM experience, we’re the right
fit for you.

  • Put your specific business requirements first
  • Focus on a successful Salesforce CRM implementation
  • We ensure user adoption.
  • Seasoned team of Certified Salesforce Consultants
  • Well-thought-out expert consultation on end-to-end Salesforce solutions and services
  • Yield optimum returns on investment.
  • Optimize and customize Salesforce CRM as per your requirements.

Our Salesforce Consulting Services and Expertise

  • Sales Cloud Services
  • Marketing Cloud Services
  • Community Cloud Services
  • Service Cloud
  • CPQ
  • Pardot
  • Nonprofit Cloud
  • Education Cloud

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We put our client’s needs first!

Hence, we are open to being curious, probing, and receptive to learning what is the best business model and process that work for you. With more than a decade of cross-industry experience in Salesforce services, Teqfocus is now an expert at Salesforce Consulting for your sales, marketing, and customer service needs. As digital pioneers and Salesforce Implementation consultants, we maintain constant communication while handling each case and make sure that each project is managed by a team of profoundly experienced, senior-level Salesforce specialists. Our goals are eliminating challenges, enabling your business to thrive, and provide an effective business experience for each client.

We’re the best Salesforce partner to have.

What we can do for you

  • Plan your Salesforce journey
  • Help your organization get up and running with Salesforce as new users of the platform.
  • Optimize your existing Salesforce so that your company is as efficient and productive as possible.
  • Augment your use of Salesforce with the implementation of new clouds.
  • Give insightful roadmaps
  • 360-degree view of your prospects

Salesforce Consulting

Teqfocus is well-versed with domain knowledge and technical expertise and can help you add value to your business by assisting you in creating industry-specific CRM tools. We, at Teqfocus, are proficient specialists in industry trends who give you the right consultation on Salesforce adoption and help you make better returns on investments.

Salesforce Consulting Services

Salesforce Customization

Our global team of professionals provides a deep bench of Salesforce expertise on customer development and coding to give your CRM a robust set of features and operational framework. With Salesforce Customization, you can write your functionality and leverage it to keep your business on top.


As a Salesforce Ridge Consulting Partner, Teqfocus is driven by change. We leverage technology to maximize your business impact. With a focus on making the right impact, we have made our stand on the AppExchange ecosystem – the leading enterprise cloud platform and Salesforce marketplace across every department and industry. We would love for you to take a look at our AppExchange page.

Salesforce AppExchange
Salesforce Lightning

Salesforce Lightning

Salesforce Lighting brings you something more than a user experience. It brings you faster tools that increase productivity by 41% and gives you a framework for quicker customization. Here at Teqfocus, we help you harness the ecosystem of ready-made apps and components that Salesforce Lightning provides and get things done more efficiently.

Improve your Salesforce experience
using our processes

Designing sales, customer service, and marketing processes

The perfect process requires constant revision and regular adaptation to make sure that it reflects the current environment of the market, hence changing the needs of the company, team skills, and business specifics. We make sure that proper processes are in place to make your work more effective and improve overall performance.

Designing a user adoption strategy

Designing a user adoption strategy would include – preparing for change management, demonstrating leadership buy-in, knowing end users, committing to supporting simple business processes, and not waste time with redundant tools. By following these steps, your team can set up for better success and getting the most out of the Salesforce experience.

Building a user adoption strategy

We create a user adoption strategy that helps you and your team make more sales and complete projects much more successfully. With a great adoption strategy and implementation process, companies can use Salesforce to increase their revenue, increase lead conversion, win rate, ROI, as well as sales productivity.

Defining business objectives

Salesforce consulting can give you an edge over others as it helps you solve the challenges much quicker and more efficiently by defining clear objectives and goals. Any Salesforce Partner worth their salt will know that if your business goals, objectives, and processes for implementation are well defined, you will drive results and get the most out of Salesforce.

Mapping business objectives into Salesforce features

Once the objectives are defined, the next step is to focus on mapping your Salesforce Capabilities as per your business needs, also called industry blueprints. Industry blueprints help you align cross-functional stakeholders according to the capabilities that are crucial to your business.

Recommending the most suitable Salesforce edition

Determining the best Salesforce Edition is a challenge for most companies and is often seen as a difficult step in the Salesforce implementation process. Here’s where we come into the picture where we help you determine which editions of Salesforce best works for you and make it the perfect fit.

Why Teqfocus

The digital world is in dire need of dependable,
best-in-their-game, and affordable consulting partners. In a world where companies are looking for reliable digital services with an assured level of satisfaction, Teqfocus brings you the right solutions, right where you are.

Our team of seasoned professionals and certified Salesforce experts has the flexibility and domain knowledge to meet your requirements. Teqfocus and its team of expert consultants aim to tackle challenges including integration capacity and business insights. Our proven track record and unmatched quality are what we wear proudly as our badge of honor, and we strive to continue to do so in the years to come.  Here’s why we are the best choice when it comes to being a Salesforce implementation partner:

  • Experienced in business mapping
  • Finding the right solutions to technical hiccups
  • Focused on outputs that enhance your organization.
  • Adept at minimizing the time to return on investment
  • Accomplished in driving user adoption and happiness
  • Laser-focused on customer partnership and success
  • In-depth functionality and customizability

Our Success Numbers

60 +
Happy Clients
20 +
Salesforce Certified Professionals
100 +
Successful projects
45 +
Salesforce Consultants
4.9/ 5
CSAT score

Meet our Salesforce Pioneers

We are defined by our actions, not words. Our Salesforce team has decades of experience in consulting, implementing, designing, and maintaining Salesforce implementation and we strive to make your Salesforce journey an optimal one. A visionary team of seasoned professionals who are experts in creating the right business objectives works towards delivering success while keeping in mind what works best for you and your current business process.

Shefali Kansal

Shefali is an MBA graduate with more than 7 years of experience working in companies including MakeMyTrip & Ola and worked with India's leading OTA and ride-share company as a product/growth manager before joining us. She has...

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We are very focused, driven group who love to talk about Salesforce, and how it can assist organizations of all sizes and sectors. And we had the honor of working with many great organizations. We are always blessed and humbled by the kind words they give back to us.