Grand Slam Snapshots: Teqfocus at National Bank Open

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Grand Slam Snapshots: Teqfocus at National Bank Open

Reimagining Customer Success Leveraging Data, Generative AI and Analytics



Teqfocus recently organized a captivating event revolving around the potential of Data, Gen AI, and Analytics. The event, which was held on the 8th of August, brought together industry luminaries, tech enthusiasts, and forward-thinkers, offering a memorable experience that illuminated the path to a data-driven future. 

Celebrating Success

Andy Singh, CEO and Founder of Teqfocus, expressed heartfelt gratitude for the unwavering support that propelled the company’s successful 11-year journey. Impressive statistics spoke volumes; global presence across four territories, 75-plus certifications, 100-plus clients, and over 250 completed projects. 

Navigating Expertise

Participants had the opportunity to delve into our industry expertise, specializing in FinServ, Life Sciences, High Tech, and Manufacturing. Teqfocus showcased its prowess in delivering cutting-edge solutions, with spotlight on AWS and Salesforce partnership, highlighting the spectrum of our diverse service offerings. 

Cloud and Gen AI Powerhouse

Cloud technology took center stage, with Andy emphasizing its significance in enhancing customer experiences and accelerating business growth. The focus then shifted to Data, Gen AI, and ML, recognized as the foundation of modern innovation, where our veterans shared insights into powerful tools like Amazon SageMaker, Bedrock, Kendra, and CDP that enabled Teqfocus to create transformative solutions. Here’s a snapshot of our expertise and capabilities that fuel our client’s digital transformation roadmap, business goals, and operational needs. 

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Live Demonstration

Shefali and Vibhor delivered a captivating demo of TeqNext, our latest innovation for Insurance, an AI-driven Claim management solution. The demo highlighted practical AI/ML and CDP applications, once again highlighting Teqfocus capabilities in action.

Empowerment Through Acceleration

During the event Teqfocus unveiled its series of industry accelerators – TeqNext, TeqConnector, TeqIDP, GenTeq, and TeqVisualize. These accelerators empower go-to-market strategies, customer success, and overall business growth. The event also explored intriguing use cases around conversational AI, Knowledge bases, and Remote patient monitoring. 


Master Insights

The event featured success stories and industry insights from our valued clients. Husam from Alexa Translations and Aaron from Inter.val.AI shared their experiences, spotlighting the tangible impact of AI/ML on efficiency and decision-making.

Business and Play Fusion

The event wasn’t just about technology and business. It celebrated budding tennis talents, adding a spirited touch to the evening. 

Final Thoughts

In his closing words, Andy shared his vision for a future guided by data and empowered by Gen AI. The event offered the participants a renewed purpose, armed with insights to shape their success journeys. 


The Teqfocus Customer Success event marked a resounding success, leaving attendees inspired and equipped to navigate evolving technology landscapes and exemplified its commitment to innovation, growth, and transformative solutions.