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Our Mission

Our mission is to help homecare industry improve patient outcomes, enhance caregiver efficiency, and streamline operations by leveraging CRM, AI, and data-driven solutions. Our solution TeqNext AI for homecare is purpose-built for the homecare industry.

Our Expertise

Patient intake &
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Patient monitoring and engagement through patient portal
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LLM-based real-time outpatient analytics
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Caregiver recruitment
and scheduling
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Integration with data
platforms like AWS and
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Migration from legacy systems

A Solution Purpose-built for Homecare

How America’s well-known care management company,

  • Reduced the number of costly ER/Visits
  • Improved patient engagement
  • Got predictive insights on high-cost, high-risk individuals
  • Enabled progressive profiling and SDOH data collection

How Data & AI are Reshaping Homecare

Patient Onboarding Use Case

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Pre-assessment and
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Personalized care plan
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Equipment and supplies
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Caregiver assignment
and training
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Continuous monitoring
and communication
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Emergency preparedness
and follow-up

User Journey

Data strategy
CRM strategy
UX & solution designs


Data strategy
CRM strategy
UX & solution designs

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