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Life Science & Healthcare

Solutions for the future of today’s Healthcare

The world is witnessing the acceleration of digital health at a fast pace and furthering the digital transformation of the healthcare industry is our top priority. The rise in technology & services like IoT, IoMT, Data Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, Telemedicine and mHealth have become enablers and drivers for the healthcare industry. Key technological advancements like Advanced Analytics, Machine Learning, the Internet of Things and Cloud Adoption present major opportunities to address the increasing challenges in healthcare focusing on managing costs & quality, efficiency in administrative functions, and health & wellness management. The available growth space for improvement in healthcare is huge and the future growth potential of the healthcare services and the technological market is substantial.

Teqfocus, as a strategic consulting partner, helps to spearhead the healthcare landscape through:

  • Enterprise Product Development
  • Product Strategy
  • EHR Integration
  • Data Security
  • User experience
  • Third party integrations
  • Cloud Consulting
  • Platform engineering
  • Application Modernization

Teqfocus’s Life Science & Healthcare Offerings

We are here to help Healthcare and Life Sciences leaders to make the right decision with healthcare centric solutions keeping in mind the patient-centric approach they have adopted. Our partnership with AWS/Salesforce is to help Healthcare Providers, Medical Device Health Players and Pharmaceuticals Labs implement solutions and move towards quicker outcomes. Similarly, shifting habits have compelled the healthcare and healthcare industries to reconsider their tactics for effectively engaging patients and customers and developing a true relationship to assist them better their health results. A collaboration that can help you achieve more today and, in the future, – for your employees, your business, and your consumers.

What we can do for you

  • Work together throughout vast ecosystems.
  • Quicker products to market.
  • Convert relevant data into actionable insights
  • Transform patient care
  • Make better use of EHR/EMR data.
  • Create processes and apps that are unique to the needs of an organisation.

Teqfocus’s Life Science & Healthcare Services

Business Services

Payment Services

Clinical Solutions

Broker Services

Business Strategy

Analytical Intelligence (AI/ML)

Digital Consulting

Cloud Solutions

Data Engineering

Platform Engineering


Software systems


Why Teqfocus?

Teqfocus has been in the industry of digitizing enterprises for almost two decades now and has served clients across the globe. Our AWS/ Salesforce experts are equipped with credentials and industry recognition that will help you streamline your processes and increase efficiency. Our team of experienced tech gurus helps navigate, guide, and enable companies to speed up their digital transformation through our efficient automation processes, tools, and diverse industry expertise. We deliver solutions that help clients attain their strategic and business goals and we understand our client’s business with a problem-solving approach. Our seasoned experts are adept at industry experience in FinTech, EdTech, Healthcare, Non-Profit and Manufacturing.

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