Teqfocus received the Well-Architected Partner Status by AWS |

Teqfocus received the Well-Architected Partner Status by AWS

Teqfocus Awarded AWS Well-Architected Partner 2022

Toronto, Canada | 20/09/2022
During the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Partners Award 2022 held in Toronto, Canada, Teqfocus received the esteemed title of “AWS Well-Architected Partner of the Year 2022”. As an AWS Advanced Consulting partner, Teqfocus has been leading digital transformation across the globe since 2012. We are proud to be recognized by AWS for our commitment to help industries transform into future-ready challenging day-to-day tasks.
“I’m humbled to see how far we have come with the help of our team,” said Sim Singh, Sr. Director of Product Engineering & Cloud Engineering. “We began as a “Select” SI partner with AWS and entered the “Advanced” tier in just eight months. This is purely team effort; we congratulate our crew and partners who made this leap possible.”
AWS Well-Architected Framework comes with a set of review questions that helps competitively benchmark the digital infrastructure of an organization. AWS Experts at Teqfocus evaluate the digital workload on the cloud and recommend solutions for optimization that comply with the latest AWS principles.
“The cloud system is continuously evolving. Our partnership with AWS has enabled us to make advanced technology adaptable for businesses, allowing them to operate on the global front” said Andy Singh, CEO & Founder of Teqfocus. “We understand the potential of the industries we work with and suggest effective outcomes for their business. Over the years, AWS best practices facilitate us to develop deep insights and help businesses respond to the demands of a changing ecosystem. What was once an idea can now be turned to reality for these organizations, and we are glad to be able to support that journey.”
AWS is the world’s most secure and flexible cloud computing solution built for migrating large volumes of sensitive data in and out of the cloud. Teqfocus prepares organizations to enter the world of Big Data with scalable and technically flexible infrastructure provided by AWS. Oftentimes a latency in the system can undermine the performance of an organization. It affects everything from system efficiency to customer experience. With the implementation of AWS Advanced Technology, doing business becomes enjoyable for all involved parties, driving companies to reach economies of scale and fuelling innovation within their domain.

About Teqfocus

Teqfocus, a Canada based AWS Advanced Consulting Partner, is a pioneer in helping businesses and mid-market customers in their digital transformation journey. Teqfocus’ diverse range of technology and expertise addresses the growing needs of enterprises & SMB in industries such as EdTech, Life Sciences & Healthcare, Manufacturing and FinTech
As a strategic technology partner, Teqfocus is committed to bringing the world closer to complete digitization. We follow a rigorous process of expert consultation, integration, R&D of strategic plans followed by implementation excellence. We are adept at reducing the time taken for the process and making it hassle-free for everyone. Our mission is to build sustainable business processes and prepare future-ready enterprises.
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