Teqfocus EKS Containerization

Containerization with EKS

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Containerization is a popular form of deployment and management of applications and is quickly becoming the industry standard for many organizations. With Amazon EKS, users can deploy and manage containers on the same Amazon Web Services (AWS) infrastructure they use for their other cloud services.

Amazon EKS is available in multiple regions across the world, so customers can deploy their applications wherever they are most comfortable or have the most need. With Amazon EKS, users can create and manage EKS clusters, which are collections of Amazon EC2 instances that are used to run Kubernetes workloads. With a single EKS cluster, users can deploy and manage multiple applications, allowing for greater scalability and portability.

The Amazon EKS architecture allows for the deployment of applications across multiple Availability Zones. This means applications can be deployed in multiple geographic locations for increased availability and scalability. Additionally, Amazon EKS supports auto-scaling, allowing the user to scale their application up or down as needed without manual intervention.

Containerization-as-a-Service makes it easy to modernize your most important applications and mission critical workloads in the rapid changing cloud infrastructure trending market. Teqfocus is the most preferred AWS Advanced partners that major AWS customers rely on attaining solutions for solving and managing complex containerization deployments using Kubernetes framework.

  • Core objectives to modernize your workloads using Containerization-as-a-Service using EKS.
  • Build, Secure and deploy fit-for-purpose infrastructure to cater your workloads needs
  • Run auto-scalable apps using a highly available configuration across multiple availability zones with secure network integrations..
  • Choose to leverage serverless container deployments or handpicked worker nodes for your Kubernetes cluster
  • Maximize development time to provide razor sharp focus on building apps
  • Implement flexible CI/CD pipelines for deployments and easy rollback mechanisms
  • Integration of third party monitoring tools makes it easy to track and monitor resources and reduce operational.
We also provide consulting services to help customers get the most out of their Amazon EKS experience. Whether users are looking to compare Amazon EKS vs Azure AKS or need help understanding Amazon EKS best practices, our team of experts is here to help. We can provide the necessary guidance and support to ensure customers get the most out of their Amazon EKS experience.
At Teqfocus, we are committed to helping customers make the most of their Amazon EKS experience. Our Amazon EKS training and consulting services are designed to provide customers with the knowledge and support they need to get the most out of their Amazon EKS experience.

Derived Outcomes

Secure, well-tested and quality operational best practices leveraged

Faster time to market for releasing innovative features on your applications

Automate incremental and iterative deployments using Kubernetes framework

Accelerate product growth and quick realization of return on investment

Teqfocus EKS Containerization

Containerization-as-a-Service with EKS drives your cloud native platform goals using the below steps

Listen to customers, understand their pain points and business objectives. Articulate them in well-defined documentation to achieve maximum outputs from the exercise.

Devise a robust plan using the Well Architected Pillars in mind provided by AWS to target planned outcomes in terms cost, security, operational excellence, and reliability. Strategize decoupled framework to containerize apps for seamless deployments and integration using Containerization-as-a-Service

Our Solution Architects design well-architected containerized infrastructure that is secure, scalable, highly available and easy to use and monitor on day to day basis. We share this all our customers to make them understand how this will help to support their business case.

We ensure all your EKS configuration is secure using AWS IAM and AWS KMS as standard mandatorily.

Load balanced:
Our EKS deployments are made keeping in mind that workloads always need to balanced, so we use AWS Load Balancing mechanisms to make sure they are running smoothly at all times.

Build, Implement, Test and Deliver:
Once our AWS customers are confident on the design patterns, we deploy EKS cluster using industry standard tools like Cloudformation and Terraform for quick, and robust implementation with easy rollback mechanisms. We emphasize on thorough testing before delivering the EKS cluster to our customers ensuring it meets their workloads requirements and business goals. All our deployments have been tailored made for AWS customers using Fargate or EC2 worker nodes, leveraging ECR, Codecommit, CodeBuild, CodePipeline, Jenkins, RBAC policies, Lambda, MongoDB and MySQL.

Third party integration:
We are proud to say we have the expertise in building effective CI/CD pipelines that work well in tandem with the EKS clusters that connect GitHub, Gitlab, Bitbucket and flexibility to connect monitoring tools like Prometheus or Datadog.