Teqfocus Solutions Makes Strategic Investment in Grid

Teqfocus Solutions Makes Strategic Investment in Grid

We’re excited to announce a strategic alliance and investment in a partnership between Teqfocus Solutions Inc and Grid.

Pune, India | 01/08/2022

Teqfocus is making a strategic investment in Grid, a no-code platform developer focusing on Operations Management and integrations to provide seamlessly connected solutions for a variety of industries. The alliance is focused on co-developing digital transformation solutions based on the combined strengths and synergies between Grid and Teqfocus.
Built on AWS, Grid naturally complements Teqfocus Solutions, an AWS Partner for Advanced Tier Services and a member of the AWS Well-Architected Partner Program. Both companies look forward to building digital transformation for enterprises and Small and Medium Businesses (SMBs) globally using this synergistic relationship.
Andy Singh (CEO) founded Teqfocus in 2012 with a vision to globally lead the world in the latest technology solutions and support business growth on a digital platform that propels toward customer satisfaction. Andy says, “Grid’s no-code technology for operations automation can drive value for both our customers and partners globally. We are excited to partner with them to mutually accelerate the global shift to cloud and mobile-first B2B Solutions.”
Udit Poddar, the CEO of Grid, who co-founded the company along with CTO Aayush Agarwal, CMO Shaurya Poddar, and COO Shreyansh Jain, says, “Teqfocus’s leadership, experience, and deep partnerships cloud and technology solutions service delivery is a great value addition to our team. We are excited to have Andy and the Teqfocus team join us in our journey towards making businesses more efficient and sustainable”.
Whether it is the impending global economic recession, the resurgence of globalization, or the blurring of lines between Business to Business (B2B) and Business to Customer (B2C), businesses must re-evaluate the efficiency of their systems and processes to remain relevant today, and ensure future sustainability. This is even more of an imperative for businesses that employ 70% of the workforce that works “off-desk” on production floors, farms, rigs, mines, construction sites, and restaurants, to name a few. For effectively managing operations employing a vastly distributed workforce, the need for Cloud, Digital Transformation, Automation, and an agile and fast time-to-market cannot be overemphasized.
Teqfocus Solutions and Grid aim to work together and use their skills, tools, and platforms to help enterprises digitize their work processes, saving time and money on all their processes.
“Way to go team! In less than 3 months, you’ve become a Confirmed Well Architected Partner. Congratulations Teqfocus team!!” – Gerardo Vazquez, AWS Partner Solutions Architect, Canada.
But behind every successful achievement for a company, are its clients and customers. Teqfocus family wants to thank all our stakeholders for giving us this opportunity to help businesses achieve sustainable infrastructures. We look forward to collaborating with many more.

About Teqfocus

Teqfocus is a technology consulting and services company with over 250+ IT professionals worldwide. We deliver through our extensive portfolio of IT services with our immensely skilled and experienced consultants. Our services include Business Application Implementations, Product Engineering, Data Engineering and Analytics, Cloud Services, User Experience, Technology Advisory, Transformation Office, and Legacy Migrations & Integrations. Our expertise addresses the growing needs of enterprises in industries such as EdTech, Life Sciences & Healthcare, Manufacturing, Mortgage, and Finance.

About Grid

Grid was conceptualized as a provider of personalized software experiences for diverse enterprise needs, cutting across industries, geographies, and scales of operations. Grid’s no-code platform is designed to accelerate businesses’ digital goals while pivoting the journey around the customer, stakeholder, and employee experience.
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