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Our annual event TeqNova 2022 was an opportunity for us at Teqfocus to have a new beginning with a growth mindset, was the annual meet-up held in person after 2 years of working in hybrid conditions. Given that we, as a company, have gone through a lot of transformations in the last year, and to signify this change with a new beginning, we went with the theme TeqNova.
This offline India meet-up took place in Ranchi and Pune, and both the locations experienced the spirit of unity through sessions, led by leaders Andy Singh, Sim Singh, Avi Kumar and Parth Sarthy, entertaining activities, enriching conversations, food, lots of music and refreshments.
To keep things fascinating, we even had our way of Shark Tank called #Teqtank where our sharks allowed budding entrepreneurs to propose business deals.

In retrospect, we experienced a change in multiple facets of growth in the past year. We encountered tremendous new goals, new initiatives, new leadership, new locations, and new faces. As a trusted Salesforce Partner and AWS Partner, we got to tackle critical problems for our clients, highlight areas of improvement and increase efficiency with our digital transformation expertise. Apart from that, we also acquired new clients, new partnerships and new businesses. The team at Teqfocus has made it a point to work cross-functionally with senior leaders, Human Resources, Marketing and Operations to create an inclusive environment for employees with our People First initiative. We have made our mark in the environment by playing a vital role in perpetuating a strong culture of people centrism, strategy and structure.

Hence, keeping ‘Nova’ or new beginnings as our mind frame for the coming year, each one of us participated in this event with the same perspective.
Take a look at what #TeqNova 2022 was all about!