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60% Business Leaders Experience Job Satisfaction by
Using AI in their Work

21th Feb, 2024

A recent survey conducted by Tech.co in 2024, titled “Impact of Technology on the Workplace,” revealed some fascinating insights into how AI is reshaping the job landscape for US business leaders. The survey, which gathered responses from 1,047 business leaders, pointed out that a significant 30% believe AI has drastically improved their work processes, with 59% of those in senior leadership roles noting an uptick in job satisfaction due to AI integration.

This surge in AI appreciation could be a game-changer in elevating job gratification levels in 2024, especially against the backdrop of younger generations’ quest for more fulfilling and balanced work lives. This demographic’s pursuit is vividly illustrated by the Gen Z TikTok trend #lazygirljobs, aiming to debunk the ‘always-on’ work culture by advocating for less stressful employment that ensures a healthier work-life equilibrium.

Moreover, the survey highlights the emergence of trends such as ‘quiet quitting,’ ‘Bare Minimum Mondays,’ and ‘Resenteeism,’ all of which are reactions to the US’s escalating burnout issue, which threatens workers’ physical and mental health, as well as their identity.
A notable preference for a 4-day workweek among Millennials and Gen X leaders compared to their Baby Boomer counterparts was also uncovered, with businesses leveraging AI showing a greater inclination towards this flexible working arrangement. An impressive 93% of AI-utilizing companies were reported to be more receptive to the idea.
The survey also shed light on the primary applications of AI in the business sector, with data analysis and writing tasks leading the way. Specifically, 32% of companies utilize AI for data analysis, while 26% employ it for various writing tasks, including emails and reports.
The ‘Top 10 Workplace AI Usage’ list further details the widespread adoption of AI across different functions, including scheduling, data entry, quality control, cybersecurity, customer support chatbots, design, document management, and inventory management.
Aaron Drapkin, Tech.co’s Lead Writer and an AI expert, shared an optimistic view on AI’s current and future impact on the workforce. He emphasized the unprecedented utility of AI tools like ChatGPT in handling mundane, repetitive tasks, highlighting the significant, positive changes they’re bringing to workplace dynamics.