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Top 5 Hacks to Make Salesforce Work Better For You

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Salesforce has been in the business for more than 15 years and we have already seen the powerful and effective tool it has been for businesses of various sizes. It has allowed enterprises to effectively manage areas like sales, marketing, and customer relations. As a Cloud-based CRM, Salesforce has helped more than 150,000 global enterprises to maintain superior customer relationships, gain growth, and streamline and automate the key stages of the sales process. Salesforce focuses on bringing companies and customers together and helps break down the technology silos between an organization’s departments to ensure employees share a single view of customers. Despite knowing all this information, you might wonder – what else can Salesforce do for your business? In simple words, Salesforce gives each of your departments the necessary tools required to build stronger, genuine, and more reliable relationships with your customers and take the stress of micromanagement off of your hands.
Companies are now using Salesforce and Salesforce Consulting as more than just a sales and marketing platform, but rather an enterprise software that provides diverse capabilities like accounting solutions, data-based predictions, process automation, social media monitoring, and management. Having said that, for those of you who are already implementing Salesforce into your transformation initiatives, here are five hacks to make sure that Salesforce CRM is working better for your business.

Top 5 Hacks to Make Salesforce Work Better For You

Salesforce hacks to learn how you can do more in Salesforce, Using a hacks to help you navigate Salesforce more efficiently.

1. Track leads that convert better

All the Salesforce leads that come your way need to be evaluated at the source to use it to your advantage and scheme out newer remarketing strategies for your business. Take into account the time and source which can help you track the conversion rates, type of lead and provide valuable insights by monitoring your prospect’s sales stages and other related activities.

2. Compare partner leads

Another useful hack is to examine how partners perform when it comes to lead generations. This examination can help you determine the relationships that need to extend, contract, continue, or be terminated. Partners’ scorecards enable channel account managers to track the success of their partners and set goals for their programs. This hack could be a useful measure to track whether your business is concerned with the number of leads or the quality of leads that a partner is bringing in. It goes without saying that the benchmark need not be shared with your partners, but using this information will assist you in making the right business decisions about them.

3. Use a marketing automation tool to streamline your lead to the sales process

A seamless Salesforce sales process paves the way for a more cost-effective and less risky opportunity for the company to grow. By utilizing marketing automation tools, companies can cut down the hassle of information deliveries as well as automate marketing processes and campaigns across channels and streamline the most time-consuming tasks.

4. Be on top of your databases of contacts, leads, and opportunities

Duplicate records are inevitable. It happens to everyone, and such duplicate records can be extremely irritating and can be fatal to the account unless you don’t keep up with your database of contacts, leads, and opportunities regularly and aim to stay at the top. So, to be on top of your databases of contacts and opportunities you must avoid having duplicates.

5. Use a consulting partner to get the most out of your Salesforce experience

Before starting a CRM project, there are so many things that should be taken under consideration e.g., costs/budget, data migration costs, or security. Hence, it is essential that organizations leverage the Salesforce Consulting Services of a consulting partner to maximize their investment. By partnering with a consulting partner or outsourcing the Salesforce experience, companies can learn more about the Salesforce best practices for sales and get the most out of the Salesforce Marketing experience. By outsourcing your Salesforce to a trusted managed service provider, your organization can benefit from improved productivity in concentrating on the core value of the company as well as gain value from the Salesforce instance.
As a Salesforce Ridge Consulting Partner, Teqfocus looks for the best viable options for the customers and focuses on building a tailor-made enterprise platform from the ground up while addressing more distinct company’s automation issues. Teqfocus provides expert Salesforce Marketing advice for organizations of various sizes – whether it’s a small-scale business or large enterprise, our team of experts assists companies in unlocking Salesforce benefits and make them high-performing business platforms. Teqfocus advises companies to build a more sustainable relationship with their customers and optimize their existing Salesforce CRM by augmenting Salesforce use, implementations of clouds, and automation tools. So, whether you’re looking to learn more about the Salesforce best practices for sales reps, seeking a one-of-a-kind Salesforce service or some other custom software from a Salesforce implementation partner, get in touch with our team of experts at sales@teqfocus.com

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