How E-learning is helping amid Coronavirus eruption

How E-Learning is Helping Amid Coronavirus Eruption


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The shutting down of schools and colleges due to coronavirus outbreak has lead to many parents worrying about home-schooling their children. While the teachers have been providing on-paper as well as online lessons on various subjects in the curriculum, it is a matter of great concern to fill the social learning void which is left due to absence of physical gathering at schools and colleges. Another concern is maintaining a strict study time-table when no period bells will be heard ringing. But then we also know that over 1.7 million students are already being home-schooled in US and following the right methods will help other students join them for some time. With companies also asking employees to work from home many parents are finding themselves staying home with their kids to navigate their kids work days along with their own. So this way they can supervise and help kids with their studies. Making a strict schedule for the day will not just help kids to use their day more efficiently without the period bell ringing, but also teach them skills like self-discipline, planning and execution. Interaction with peers and friends through online engagement and video chats under parent supervision will help them socialize without any threat of infection. At present many online education sites have liberalized their norms and developed different courses to help students keep going amid this tense situation. This means that students can now gain more knowledge than ever and seek more online guidance than ever through many online courses available for them now. Through various online exercise playing games kids can remain active indoors too.

Even though the spread of Coronavirus has trended the adoption of online education in many countries for the moment but there is still no certainty about what happens when this passes. Whether the education system will switch back to normal or there will be continued increase in online education as mainstream education. The only thing that’s certain for now is that it will prepare the world to develop the ability to switch to online mode instantly and then switch back if and whenever required

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