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E-Learning Technology and Challenges During Current Lockdown


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With the shift of mainstream education towards e-learning many online Learning Management Systems (LMS), video conferencing tools and messaging platforms have gained popularity worldwide. While many education institutes, both K12 and HigherEd were already using this medium, many others are now racing towards it. The institutes which were already using these platforms have had a smooth transition unlike the others who are new to this system. First of all those who weren’t prepared at all have had to put systems in place at a short notice which in itself is a Hercules task. That is because lately many e-learning platform service providers have also been occupied in transitioning to work remotely and are overloaded with similar requests from multiple educational institutions, NGO’s and government agencies. The online course material for different courses had to be prepared urgently after the institutes decided on shutting down. After planning the courses and sharing them with the students/parents the educators need to be appraised on how to conduct the online teaching sessions and enlightened about features and constraints of the e-learning platforms. For that, many institutes have organized online webinars to provide teachers with training and consultation on technology. Another aspect is to make the parents and students accustomed to the new way of learning. They need to be aware of the features and functionalities of e-learning tools and how to access them. The schools and the universities are sharing complete instructional guidelines with the students and their parents/guardians to help them access and operate the digital-learning tools. Many frictional points on the way towards e-learning are making the journey difficult. But these points are sure to be faded away in the future once the complete shift happens. But it will surely change the pace and mode of future education systems.

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