A Leading Healthcare Organization Gains Deeper Insights with Improved Data Visualization Using Amazon QuickSight
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A Leading Healthcare Organization Gains Deeper Insights with Improved Data Visualization Using Amazon QuickSight

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Executive Summary

Amazon QuickSight is a powerful data visualization tool that is revolutionizing the healthcare industry by providing healthcare organizations with an intuitive and easy-to-use platform to gain deeper insights into their patient care and performance metrics. In this case study, we will explore the challenges, solutions, and impact of integrating QuickSight to improve data visualization capabilities and gain deeper patient care and performance insights for a leading healthcare organization. Our team assisted the organization in implementing Amazon QuickSight and integrating it with their existing data sources to create a centralized data analytics platform.

Key Challenges

Our client, a leading healthcare organization, had a large amount of data stored in Amazon S3 and Amazon Redshift, making it difficult to analyze and gain actionable insights.

As the amount of data grew, it became increasingly difficult to manage and maintain the infrastructure required for analysis. Additionally, the data was siloed across multiple systems, which made it difficult to get a holistic view of the business.

With data spread out in different locations and in various formats, the client faced the challenge of integrating and consolidating the data to gain useful insights.

The healthcare organization was also experiencing performance issues with their existing business intelligence tools, which slowed down their ability to analyze data and gain insights in a timely manner. Finally, there was a lack of collaboration and sharing of insights between different teams, which led to a disjointed approach towards decision-making.

Teqfocus Approach

Teqfocus adopted a systematic approach to address the challenges:

  • Teqfocus implemented Amazon QuickSight, a fully managed business intelligence (BI) service, to help the client better visualize data and gain deeper insights. Teqfocus used built-in connectors to connect to data sources in S3 and Redshift and used the data preparation feature to perform tasks such as filtering, pivoting, and aggregating the data.
  • QuickSight provides a web-based console for monitoring the usage and performance of visualizations and dashboards, and CloudWatch alarms were set up to notify of any failures or delays in the data connection or preparation process. Regular maintenance activities were also performed to ensure smooth operation of the visualizations and dashboards.

The Impact

  • The implementation of Amazon QuickSight had a significant impact on our client’s business.
  • The client was able to easily access and visualize their data, which was previously siloed across multiple systems.
  • The solution helped the organization gain valuable insights for better decision making.
  • The solution allowed for easy creation of interactive visualizations and dashboards with a variety of chart types for data representation.
  • Sharing and collaboration features of QuickSight allowed for easy access to data and better decision making across teams.
  • The client was able to monitor and maintain services more easily, resulting in improved performance and growth.

Key Outcomes

efficacy (1)

Up to 75%

increase in operational efficiency

process (1)

Up to 70%

improvement in data management, governance and analytics

risk 1

Quick and Easy

to set up, secure, and manage


Exponential Improvement

in operational efficiency, care delivery and patient outcomes

Solution Architecture

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Key Technologies Used

Amazon QuickSight
A fast, cloud-powered business intelligence service that makes it easy to analyze and visualize data from various sources.
Amazon Athena
A serverless interactive query service that allows users to analyze data in Amazon S3 using SQL.
Amazon S3
A highly scalable and durable object storage service that allows businesses to store and retrieve large amounts of data from anywhere on the web.


As a result of the successful implementation, the client was able to achieve a 75% increase in operational efficiency and 70% improvement in data management, governance and analytics.

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