The Salesforce CPQ (Configure Price Quote) Improves Sales Quote Process | Teqfocus Case Study
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The Salesforce CPQ Improves Sales Quote Process

The Salesforce CPQ Improves Sales Quote Process

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The Salesforce CPQ Improves Sales Quote Process
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About The Client:
Landfill Alternatives offers a comprehensive range of Vertical & Horizontal Balers, Compactors and Crushers for sale and lease hire, with the variety of Products offered Landfill aims to build a Perfect Solution for their Business.(https://landfillalternatives.co.uk/).

The Challenges:

  • Client had a complex pricing system based on the nature of its business.
  • Client faced challenges in maintaining and applying different prices.
  • Selecting the right price for a product based upon the selection of different attributes.

Here’s a look at the above challenges in detail:

Varied Pricing Points:

  • Based on Usage :   Based on the number of days the machine would go on rent, the client would charge their customers accordingly.These charges were pre-defined and was not a calculated amount based on how many weeks the Machines were on rent.
    Client wanted to display only the weekly cost on the quote and the Total amount was calculated only for internal purpose on Opportunity level.
  • Based on Machine Attributes  :  A single machine had twelve different prices based on different attributes such as:
    • Is the machine new/refurbished?
    • Is the machine getting purchased or leased and also based on the lease duration?
  • Also, creating different price-books wasn’t an option as the client would be selling/renting different products within the same opportunity from a different price book.

The Teqfocus Team Solution

  • Teqfocus consultants collaborated with the client team to understand the intricacies of the as-is processes.
  • After that, our team designed, developed and implemented a tailor-made solution for the client by implementing the following steps:
  • We started by analyzing and merging all the data sheets together to show it in a single view on the Salesforce platform. (Price rule, Product rule and Calculator API were used to achieve this goal).
  • To achieve the Range and Lot price goal – Price Rule and Calculator API were used
  • Created a custom solution for the user to maintain the cost summary with multiple future inflations in one screen. This step allowed for a smooth business flow.
  • With the help of Salesforce field sets, we achieved the task of maintaining the headers.
  • Created different product attributes using CPQ (Configure Price Quote).
  • prices for each of the attributes.
  • Created pricing rules using CPQ to display the correct price based on the options selected such as (if the machine is) new/refurbished, purchased/leased and its lease duration

About CPQ:


The Result:

  • Client is now able to narrow down large pricing catalogues with just a few clicks. Hence, deals are getting closed faster.
  • Using CPQ, the client is also able to add the price manually on real-time while sending a quote. This led to the:
  • Automation of their Lot Range and Cost Planning processes.
  • Process improvement and freedom from manual data entry.
  • Ease-of-business through automated Cost Summary Calculations.
  • Availability of historical data for reporting on business growth.
  • Standardization of the Product setup and Quotation process.

About Teqfocus:
We are digital transformation company and Salesforce certified partner. We help organizations to digitally transform using a wide range of international products like AWS, Adobe and Microsoft. To know more about your next digital transformation strategy, contact us.