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Supporting Sales with Managed Services- Construction Industry

Supporting Sales with Managed Services- Construction Industry

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Supporting Sales with Managed Services- Construction Industry
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Our client is a leading commercial façade specialist in UK. It manufactures and offers its clients a complete design, installation and management service across a full range of systems that make up the external building envelope. The company comprises 5 divisions. Each division serves a separate segment of construction industry. They were investing heavily on the advanced machinery for their workshop. But before re-entering the market in full force with their new products they wanted to cut down the burn rate in their sales process and make their website the front- end of their business.


Like every other project this one had its own challenges. So a thorough analysis was important to overcome them before kick-off.

  • Unorganized data: The existing data was neither well organized nor formatted. This was a big roadblock in the process of efficient automation.
  • Changing business requirements: The new set of goals required shift in technology and processes across the organization. The staff was initially skeptical to adapt to this change and needed huge motivation and support to accept the changes.
  • Time Limitations: The date for market launch of new products was fixed and the entire process of building and using a new tech-landscape had to be finished before that.
  • Low sales resource productivity: A huge portion of employees’ time was spent on admin and other unproductive tasks, so less time was spent on doing actual sales or innovative work.
  • Long pipelines: Engagement of majority resources in unproductive tasks resulted in low operational efficiency and responsiveness, building long pipelines of unaddressed customer requests and complaints.
  • Third Party applications: The needed their technology to have good compatibility and be in sync with third party applications.
  • Risk Mitigation: They wanted to have the risk mitigation and contingency plans in place for being better prepared for the market.
  • Inefficient technical advisory: They needed a technical advisory panel to help them with the basic knowhow of the new technology advancements and suggest timely upgrades.


Post a deep analysis and a series of discussions with their multi-functional and technical teams we crafted a dedicated solution for them:

  • We designed a unique dashboard in their sales cloud, capturing information entered in an organized manner at every stage. This data is visible and accessible to multiple users in different formats as per their requirements.
  • We implemented the end to end system for creation of quote and sending out the documents.
  • We setup and customized the DocuSign and the Conga composer for sending merged documents from Salesforce to mail.
  • We worked with them to evaluate their entire user environment including staff and partner organizations to understand how they needed to interact and developed an IT roadmap for establishing a strong technological platform to scale with their expected business growth.
  • Our technical experts give them continuous support to tackle their Salesforce admin tasks, generate reports and do case management.
  • Our advisors work with them like their full time IT staff to provide them an external helpdesk to manage all technology issues from printing problems to resetting passwords.
  • We gave them with access to a number of our knowledgeable and proficient IT professionals. So now their teams can dedicate all their time on core activities. This also aided quick learning of new technology by their staff, especially the sales team, ensuring rapid adoption of new applications.
  • We manage and monitor their networks and IT systems 24×7. This way we can identify and prevent any problem before it can become serious and maintain a secure organization.
  • Our team performs timely software updates, advises them on new and necessary hardware/software upgrades, conducts quarterly reviews of their network performance and advises their leadership. This helps them to make wise technology decisions.


  • Rapid Adaptation to new technology: In the first month of their market launch itself, more than 80%of their sales representatives started using the new technology to support and sell to customers.
  • Improved risk handling ability: Better sales information entry and continuous monitoring of systems and networks improved visibility across the process and brought loopholes and issues under spotlight. This enabled timely risk mitigation.
  • Better customer service: Reduced complexity of systems and more attention of sales employees towards core sales activities helped to quickly and effectively clear customer request and complaint pipelines.
  • Increased Sales: WDue to better pre and after sales service their Sales has increased.
  • More Productivity and less costs: Our cost-effective infrastructure monitoring solution gave them high levels of attentiveness and technological support, enhancing the concentration of internal staff on core competencies. This increased productivity and reduced cost.
  • Better margins: With happy customer, increased sales and reduced costs their margins have also increased.