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Ruling The Financial Lending Sector

Ruling The Financial Lending Sector

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Ruling The Financial Lending Sector
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As a known Mortgage management company, our client focuses on helping its customers grow their investments and fund their requirements. Every year tens of thousands of people across the country take out mortgage loans with them. Being a non-bank lender, they aim to grow their customer base many folds in the upcoming years by giving best in class service and winning loyalty.


  • Managing Customer and Partner relationships: Nurturing strong relationships with private lenders and customers was essential as they were getting funding for loan disbursement to their customers from these lenders.
  • Tracking Opportunities: To grow business multifold, the maximum amount of opportunities needed to be identified and successfully closed.
  • Analysis of the sales data: The sales data analysis was a tonic required to make well informed decisions for cracking the deals.
  • Streamlining Sales and service: This would bring efficiency in the company’s processes by establishing standard operating procedures to be followed across the organization.
  • Personalizing Customer experience: To retain the customers and gain their loyalty they needed to provide customized services to them as and when required.
  • Empowering the brokers: More than 60% of their mortgages were arranged by the brokers. So they needed to empower their brokers by providing them with easy access to all the necessary information and making their life convenient.
  • Social transformation through digitization: To reinforce trust and transparency amongst its customers and employees they needed to give a personal touch to its relationship building.


To give them a perfect solution we held a series of discussions with them initially for understanding their situation and the challenges involved in the process.

  • Using Salesforce Sales cloud and Service cloud we streamlined their sales and services, making everyday processes like lead generation and case management highly efficient. Now all new leads coming through their website or partner referrals were captured by Salesforce. This way their processes were organized and potential opportunities were captured.
  • We designed a unique solution with Salesforce Sales Cloud Einstein to analyze their sales data. With the help of this tool they could do the root-cause analysis and find out the distinguishing factors between deals lost and won deals and use that as a reference for bagging the future deals.
  • With our Smart solution they were also able to identify the chances of conversion of the opportunities that were tracked by their system. So they could allocate their efforts towards these opportunities accordingly. E.g. there were more chances of getting deal A converted then they would push more on that. If deal B seemed to be a tough nut to crack then they would pull-in the required amount and type of resources to crack that. If a deal C seemed to lack feasibility then they would not waste their efforts on that.
  • Our solution incorporated a Live Agent Chat System that was installed in the all the agents’ personal hand held devices as well. Now the customers could instantly chat live with the service agents and get their queries cleared.
  • We used Salesforce AppExchange tool to build an Agent Calling System for them so that their customers could directly call the agents for any support.
  • With Salesforce Financial Services Cloud and Community Cloud we custom built a new platform for their employees and brokers to work together on closing the deals successfully. Now the employees and brokers collaborated on mortgage completion process and also had a quick access to product brochures and information on frequently asked questions.
  • Using Salesforce Marketing Cloud we activated the personalized alert mechanism in their system. Now their employees, customer support agents and brokers automatically receive alerts on any new product or upgrade featuring in the portfolio and then pass on the same alerts to the filtered target customers in their database.
  • Our solution also helped them to surface their social media conversations and find out opportunities to make their customer experience personalized.


  • Highest degree of Operational efficiency: Post implementation of our solution their operations have achieved the highest level of efficiency in years.
  • Improved Bottom-line: The new tools and processes have maximized the tapped opportunities and boosted the ratio of successful deals to total deals, which skyrocket their profits.
  • High customer loyalty: Now they are better able to understand the customer requirements and can recommend solutions. This gives a personalized touch to their services and develops trust and loyalty among their customers.
  • Market share growth: They gained the loyalty of their current customers and with their unique level of services became appealing to new customers and hence increased the market-share.
  • Stronger Investor and partner relationships: Great communication is the gateway to better relationships and same happened in our client’s case when their investors and brokers observed the steps that were taken to accommodate their convenience and making a bond with them.