How Technology Is Nurturing New-Gen Leaders In Africa | Teqfocus Case Study
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How Technology Is Nurturing New-Gen Leaders In Africa

How Technology Is Nurturing New-Gen Leaders In Africa

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How Technology Is Nurturing New-Gen Leaders In Africa
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Our client, a non-profit organization runs a community development program under which it works on providing nutrient-rich food, making hygienic surroundings and spreading health education to this under-privileged lot. It hires volunteers who work in rural and urban areas and also collaborates with donors who voluntarily donate to their best capacity for the cause. It works with over 3500 volunteers and 1800 donors in 30 regions across the country.


  • Data Management: To succeed in their goal they had to work with government organizations, schools, districts, volunteers, other non-profit organizations and donors. This means a huge chunk of data.
  • Recruitment of right volunteers: They needed to filter through numerous applications and select suitable volunteers to communicate in the local language and connect well with people.
  • Evaluation of staff: They needed to evaluate their staff’s performance with regard to the results they were getting in children’s health, developments and learning progress.
  • Active Communication and transparency with donors: They needed to keep engaging with donors from time to time and be transparent to them about the allocation of their donations for building a relationship of trust and confidence with them.
  • Self-evaluation: They required evaluation of their own growth in all factors to know how far they have succeeded in their mission and what efforts they needed to make for future growth.
  • Spread the word: To multiply their efforts they needed more and more people to know about them and their mission which would only happen with marketing and advertisement about them.


  • We fabricated a data management and analysis tool for them which could store enormous amount of data. So now they could record data and analyze the stored information. They could also readily download the required reports with progress charts and analysis to evaluate various parameters and take decisions accordingly. This also meant that all the individuals’ performance as well as organization’s performance as a whole was continuously monitored.
  • We deployed Salesforce Marketing cloud together with marketing automation tool for them. This automated the entire process of their marketing and awareness campaigns. Only a few resources were required to carry on the widespread campaigns.
  • We built custom marketing journey using visual studio and engagement studio. We also build and ran campaigns for fund-raising.
  • We built custom donor management system for them through which they could easily manage and analyze their revenue funnel including the donations. Now they could accurately measure the amount of funds raised through various channels. They got a track of all the fund inflow and outflow which brought clarity on which donation amount was spent on which activity.
  • With the solution we designed for them, they were able to continuously engage with Partners and donors through emails, chats, updates of the events, campaign flyers, seasonal greetings etc. in case of any requirement the donors and partners would receive automatic communication and could start working towards arranging the required resources.
  • This tool featured a community portal which we had synchronized with other functionalities like marketing, sales, finance etc. Through this portal all the users including staff, partners, volunteers, donors could log in, upload information on individual/group activities communicate with peers and track performance. The donors could see where and how their donations have been utilized.
  • With the data analysis tool that we designed for them they could also filter the application forms of the volunteers as per the requirement criteria laid down for the role.


  • Speedy progress wheel: Due to continuous monitoring, the performance of their staff, partners and volunteers kept improving which ultimately improved the progress rate of the organization.
  • Active Marketing and awareness campaigns: They started rigorous campaigning as huge awareness campaigns could be carried out at minimal cost with minimal resources and efforts.
  • Widened pool of available resources: They gained trust of their staff and donors with their transparent approach and huge awareness campaigns. This increased the number of people working with them and also multiplied the monetary and other resources in their kitty.
  • Cost and time savings: With Automation of organizational processes and connection of more and more volunteers huge cost and time saving happened.
  • Increased Outreach: As more and more partners, volunteers and donors joined them after increased awareness, the efforts enhanced and they were able to cover more and more regions.