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Student Information System
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A huge chunk from young population in US is out of school/colleges and jobs even as millions of job positions in the country remain open due to scarcity of well-qualified applicants. Even though the education system in the country is stupendous, a lot of students are unable to either join the colleges or finish their degrees due to one or the other reasons. A US based client of ours is on a mission to help under-privileged students enter college and support them through one- on-one counseling throughout the course to ensure that they complete their degree, hence developing individual relation with its students. They got students from multiple cities across the country enrolled with them and guided them through the college. Each year they reach over 10,000 students out of which they ensure that 85% students finish their graduation without any drop-outs. They have got a dedicated team of 150 young professionals working in this direction. They target to double their reach in coming years and spread the mission in as many cites as possible.


  • Inadequate information: They faced the challenge in controlling the drop-out rate due to lack of enough information on the factors that triggered the students to leave their degrees. Even though they had all the student data collected during enrolment process but there was no platform where the entire data could be centralized and analyzed to derive any certain conclusions and take decisive actions accordingly.
  • Limited coverage: Accomplishing the mission alone seemed impossible and since they themselves were not able to reach their own target for the initial period, they could barely convince other organizations to join hands with them and work together towards the same goal.
  • Inability to self-evaluate: They lacked effective tools for self-evaluation which otherwise would drive them towards improvement.


They reached out to Teqfocus to get a solution for their concerns and we pulled out all the stops to get them an end to end solution for their concerns.

  • Our Consultants conducted a series of discussions covering Silos identification, Solutions planning following the agile planning.
  • We built a backend solution using full-stack technologies to validate and process data.
  • We built unique SIS using Salesforce Sales and Community cloud, the solution has been used around their entire wide spread branches.
  • Our customized tool made the process simplified enough to enable smooth transition throughout the enrolment process, from initial access to the website to submitting the entire student information form to finally getting enrolled in a suitable educational institution.
  • The solutions that we designed for them not just helped them to store and analyze the student information, but also the information regarding financial grants, sponsors and different universities which had a tie-up with them was also available on their fingertips now. This made it possible to match the student requirements with the university admission criteria and link both together in case a suitable match is found. Similarly, they were able to link the students with sponsors and financial donors. To design this, we did a two-way integration with NetSuite to process sales and finance data.
  • We build a unique solution on Salesforce Community cloud for students, partners, counselors and teachers to help them carry the tasks individually with required level of co-ordination among themselves.
  • Our customized tool enabled them to centralize their data on a single platform from where the necessary information could be extracted at required intervals to analyze and understand the situations and drive conclusions.
  • We deployed those features in their system through which they could share their customized platform with their other collaborators in a secure environment, who could further use them for achieving similar goals in their respective regions.
  • Our customized tool incorporated the analytical features, which could also detect patterns derived from time-based data.


  • Data driven decision making: The client was able to effortlessly monitor the data, draw the patterns and identify the students more likely to drop-out and requiring support, based on the individual student data like class attendance, days when they are late, changes in their GPA, unstable housing situation, notes written by counselor for each student, if any. Whenever they would detect that a student is likely to drop-out, they would try to address the issues by taking steps like meeting their guardian, arranging finance, helping with studying, giving counseling and guidance wherever necessary etc. This enabled them to heavily reduce the drop-out rate.
  • Ceaseless global extension: About 40 similar organizations covering about 250,000 students across the states of US and African nations started using their customized platform to serve the same purpose, resulting in multiplication of efforts.
  • Continuous improvement: The Patterns that the organization can now draw from the analytical tool about its own performance helped to make constant improvement in its organizational processes and hence enhance the results to achieve its goal.