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Fund Raising Management

Fund Raising Management

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Fund Raising Management
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A school in Texas works on the holistic development of its students along with their academic education. It has specialized programs that enhance the overall personality development of students. These programs involving the social and emotional learning initiatives ask for a surplus budget. The school must raise funds from external resources to support its learning program and make it a success.

A separate branch was established to consummate fund-raising activities and manage the campus level development. This branch allows the school to raise money proactively and partner with outside organizations that provide direct services and financial resources for education.


  • They were initially using the spreadsheets for recording and tracking all the information but as they kept growing it became difficult to manage data in spreadsheets.
  • They needed an end to end solution for operating the entire process from approaching a prospect to closing the deal with a grant receipt.
  • They wanted all the members like teachers, staff and parents to be a part of the fund-raising campaign and proliferate the efforts.
  • They wanted the entire process to be simplified so that it could be convenient for everyone to use.


  • Teqfocus Consultants conducted series of discussions covering Silos identification, Solutions planning following the agile planning.
  • Built the custom solution taking care of all the existing third-party platforms integrated and respective data sync.
  • Built custom financial aid system and customized Community Portal to extend the Product features like applying PFS, School Portal features.
  • Created different types of subscription for the School Portal to provide advanced features with securities.


  • The entire data from all sources is now integrated and loaded to a centralized platform, making it easily controllable.
  • They now have a simplified, user friendly end to end solution covering all the fund-Raising activities in the process.
  • All the stakeholders have their individual accounts in the portal from where they can independently carry on the fund-raising campaigns. So, there is now equal participation from all the individuals associated with the institution leading to enhancement in the funding by many folds.