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Cloud Modernization

Tuesday, October 25, 2022

10:30 – 11:30 AM PST / 1.30 – 2.30 PM EST

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What is Cloud Modernization? And, how can it help your business to scale leveraging cloud native capabilities?

Today, companies ponder over what is required to scale their business in today’s evolving and fast paced competitive market. There could be different answers to challenges faced by IT leaders and organizations that have apps or products to be used by niche clients as well as mass markets. However, it is unclear what is required to get to that level and really how?

A cloud-first strategy is often the first goto choice amongst the top answers. But extending your cloud adoption journey to reap the right benefits and get the best value out of your IT investments needs a transformation.

Something that can make you run at 10x speed from operations perspective, reach faster to customers in the market when required to deliver new features or simply be able to scale.

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Thus, to answer all these you have the best bet to play by modernizing your cloud setup. Not only it covers your needs for elasticity, high availability, and reliability but also allows you to leverage cloud-native capabilities like Containerization and Serverless Computing deployed using Micro-services architecture.

Join us as we explain how cloud modernization can act as the foundation for competitive and experiential differentiation for businesses and help organizations quickly adopt the basis for competitive advantage in their respective competitive markets.

To elaborate further, we have organized a webinar to talk on these points at length

  • Know what cloud-native platforms are, why they are needed, how they work, and why they are more efficient
  • Understand what cloud modernization is, and how it changes the way your business operations function
  • What are the different types of modernization, their approach and what use-cases it could solve
  • See how cloud-native works – what you can do once you go cloud-native
  • Explore solutions using microservices, containers, and serverless architecture, and what benefits each of these solutions offer
  • Know how to create a business case for transforming your operations in line with the principles of digital and cloud-native


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Sim Singh

Sr. Director – Cloud Engineering and Product Engineering

Sim Singh is the Sr. Director – Product Engineering and Cloud Data Engineering at Teqfocus and is an outcome-driven strategic leader recognized for establishing high-performing teams. He has acquired over 17 years of industry experience in different Technical & People Leadership roles covering Software Engineering, Cloud, Data Engineering & Analytics, and DevOps & Quality Assurance.He is a key facilitator here at Teqfocus in terms of developing successful Product Strategies and roadmaps aligned with the organizational vision, architected resilient Big Data & Cloud Solutions, and constructing effective engineering products & platforms to deliver valuable business goals for customers.


Deborshi Choudhury

Partner Solutions Architect at AWS

Deborshi is a Partner Solutions Architect at AWS based out of Toronto. He has worked in a variety of technology roles in the last 10+ years, from being a Systems Engineer to Professional Services Architect, and helping customers from SMB to Enterprise with Cloud Infrastructure, Compliance as Code, Event-Driven Architectures, Migrations & Modernization.He loves working on event-driven architectures and everything Serverless. He is also part of Serverless Technical Field Community.

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