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Accelerate Your Business Outcomes With Data & AI

Discover how Teqfocus helps businesses achieve their growth goals through unified data and AI, unlocking next-level business growth by delivering personalized engagement at scale. Accelerate the entire journey for your customers, from quote to onboarding, using our AI capabilities built on Salesforce.

Wednesday, April 10 , Washington, D.C.

Join us and immerse yourself in the future of customer experiences, propelling business growth alongside industry leaders at the Salesforce World Tour in D.C the premier event fostering innovation in AI to accelerate your business outcomes

Discover How AI Can Help Achieve
Your Business Goals

Meet Teqfocus Leader at Salesforce World Tour D.C.


CDO, Teqfocus

Streamline & Accelerate Your Business Outcomes with Data-Driven Engagement

Whether you’re starting with AI or you’re already set up and need a helping hand, we’re here for you. Our services are designed with your specific AI needs and business goals in mind, ensuring you see strong business outcomes now and in the future.


Enhance Pharma Commercial Capabilities

Regulatory / Medical

Patient & HCP Support

Strategic Planning

Sales / Field

Where Teqfocus Can Help

  • Lead Scoring & Social Listening
  • Customer 360
  • AI-driven Marketing Assistant
  • GenAI powered Content Generation
  • Score & Profile based channel selection
  • Campaign Analytics
  • AI Sales Assistant
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Transform Your Insurance Operations

Product Marketing




Where Teqfocus Can Help

  • Intelligent Claims Processing
  • AI-powered Underwriting
  • Risk Analytics
  • Customer 360
  • Automated Order Processing
  • Performance Analytics
  • Fraud Detection and Prevention

Accelerate your Journey Toward AI-Driven, Customer-Centric Success

With a focus on data-driven engagement and GenAI-led scheduling, effortlessly track team performance, make informed decisions, and with our cutting-edge automated claims processing and GenAI-led servicing, accelerate your outcomes like never before!

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Don’t miss the chance to become an AI Enterprise in 2024

About Teqfocus and Salesforce

Since 2012, Teqfocus has established itself as a trusted Salesforce partner, holding both Consulting Partner and Reseller designations. This partnership empowers Teqfocus to leverage Salesforce’s industry-leading CRM platform to deliver transformative solutions for businesses. Teqfocus’ expertise in data management, AI, and analytics, combined with Salesforce’s robust CRM capabilities, allows us to deliver a comprehensive service that fosters stronger client relationships and drives business growth in markets across the US, Canada, Europe, and India, with overall certifications and accredited professionals.

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Let’s Deep Dive Into Industry Specific Use Cases