Creating Customer Magic with Salesforce Genie

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Creating Customer Magic with Salesforce Genie

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Customers expect services that solve real-time requirements for them. Their most recent interaction with a product can give brands valuable information in creating that bespoke experience. Imagine having a problem with your brand-new vacuum cleaner, but receiving ads from the same company about their refrigerator on sale? That is far from creating a personalized experience for a customer in a world he/she likes to keep up-to-date with. Tailoring the services for every individual, being responsive and solving their immediate needs can win brand loyalty. When a customer is involved with a product, every step in the process shapes the brand experience. Salesforce Genie, the new Customer Data platform in the market, can help your business access updated, unified customer data and their unique engagement with your product. Differentiated information about every consumer type can help retailers prepare a personalized approach for everyone, changing the game advantage against competitors. We help make meaning of consumer data that comes from multiple channels so businesses can revise and refocus their efforts towards the needs of individual customers.

How does Salesforce Genie work?

Incoming stream of data doubles by volume every 12 hours. Web, mobile and social media – incoming information provides innumerable opportunities for brands. This also makes it difficult to organize and analyze data, impacting the quality of services delivered to the customer.
Customer 360 is a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) engine that powers the Salesforce Genie platform. Previously, Salesforce was working on transactional databases, primarily providing insight into sales data, business opportunities and sales pipelines. Now, the Salesforce Genie app helps collect both transactional and real-time engagement data of the consumer: website traffic, UX/UI tractions, marketing data, customer engagement and bounce rates, etc., the app connects several data points and gives us a complete picture of the customer. The app helps construct actionable insights after understanding the customer’s thought process. By providing this unified picture of the customer, Genie helps tie together all department interactions. Be it marketing, sales, IT, or commerce, across the board all teams speak the same language with the customer having this common understanding of their needs.
Having a unified understanding of your consumer’s journey can smoothen workflows, powering your team to act and engage with the consumer from the same plane. Instead of targeting customers broadly, the team can provide solutions that are immediate and compatible to a customer’s world.

Harmonize the Data

Our experiential knowledge with businesses for over a decade helped us engineer a set of Customer Graphs. These models harmonize data from multiple streams like web, mobile, CRM, devices and APIs and connect it with historical data of the customer. Salesforce Genie ensures that information about customers is not sitting in silos and providing a fragmented picture at different touchpoints. Instead, the algorithm consolidates all the data and provides an updated, cohesive truth about your customer. The AI powered technology of the platform surpasses traditional analytics programs in that it evolves and learns about consumer preferences and anticipates new behavior. An updated, unified picture of the consumer waiting in need can help brands step in and satisfy unmet needs for a consumer before they leave for a competitor.

Engage the Data

A complete snapshot of a customer allows businesses to actively engage with them and nourish relationships continuously. The Lakehouse architecture of Salesforce Genie organizes and makes sense of incoming, unstructured data to give one unified customer profile. Brands can learn effective ways to interact with this customer profile and tailor-make solutions for their specific needs. With the Salesforce Genie tools, teams are powered by holistic data of a consumer and therefore share the same understanding of the consumer. They can make this unified customer image the center of focus in business strategies. A personalized, sensitive, and responsive brand is listening to its customer; and is in pursuit to achieve customer success.

Create Magic

People have elevated expectations today. With these pools of data, we can meet them where they need us. That is the Salesforce Genie magic. The platform can help brands look at every customer as a unique personality with diverse attitudes, emotions, and reactions. It identifies their most recent behavior with your product and the complete history of their interactions, consolidating it into one profile and giving you the ‘full picture.’ When you understand your customer, you can meet their real expectations and deliver solutions that meet their exact need, deepening the customer trust.

What is the innovation?

Every customer data platform can provide you with data on marketing or commercial interactions between the customer and brand. That data however is barely a fraction of what we see coming in. We source data from multiple channels – sales, service, marketing, and commerce- and provide real-time, connected data. Salesforce Genie is proud to pioneer this innovation in the market.

Data Privacy and Ethics

We understand that sensitive data requires protection, and we stand by the consumer’s need for privacy in today’s environment. The Salesforce Genie platform is structured on data ethics best practices, in collaboration with the Office of Ethical and Humane Use of Technology.
Salesforce Genie is guided by the protection standards of the Office of Ethical and Human Use of Technology. The platform adds an additional layer of data privacy and ensures all regulatory compliances are met for customers globally. All customer data is encrypted making sure that no matter where it is stored, sensitive information is safe from unauthorized use.

In Conclusion

Even with plenty of analytics tools available to us it can be difficult to extract actionable insights, especially when most information has not reached us from different points of contact with the customer. Nine in ten leaders in IT say that the biggest obstacle in their digital journey is having information sitting in different silos. A collective, holistic picture of the consumer is vital to make businesses adapt to changing market demands. Integrated systems allow retailers to seamlessly collect and share data so the experience can be customized for everyone. There is so much uncertainty in the new ways of doing business that with Salesforce Genie, businesses can make decisions that reflect understanding and customer-centricity.