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Tired of outdated, inefficient patient support programs that hinder, not help, your mission? TeqNext AI for PSP is your AI-powered solution, designed to elevate patient experiences, streamline operations, and unlock the true potential of patient support

AI-driven Decision Across Key Functions

Patient Service Enrolment

• Unified Omni-channel Intake
• AI-powered Eligibility Determination
• Automated Enrolment Workflows
• Centralized Work Queue

Financial Access & Support

• Intelligent Benefits verification & Co-pay Support
• Prior Authorization Streamlining
• Patient Assistance Programme Navigation
• Cost Tracking & Reporting

Therapy Support

• Personalised Support Plans
• Automated Appointment Scheduling
• AI-driven Proactive Engagements
• Therapy Management & Optimization

Outcome Management

• Outcome Tracking & Reporting
• AI-powered Advanced Analytics
• Personalized Interventions & Recommendations
• Predictive Analytics for Next Best Actions

Program Enrolment – A Seamless and Intelligent Onboarding Experience

Traditional patient enrollment processes often involve manual data entry, fragmented communication channels, and complex eligibility criteria, leading to delays, errors, and frustration for both patients and healthcare providers. These inefficiencies can hinder patient access to essential therapies and support services, ultimately impacting health outcomes.

The TeqNext AI Solution

  • AI-Powered Eligibility Determination
    Instant eligibility checks, predictive modeling, and personalized guidance streamline the enrollment process, ensuring patients access the right support services.
  • Automated Enrollment Workflows
    Intelligent routing, automated tasks, and real-time visibility optimize enrollment, reducing administrative burdens and accelerating time-to-therapy.
  • Unified Omnichannel Intake
    A centralized platform consolidates patient referrals from multiple channels, leveraging AI-powered data capture to populate patient profiles accurately and efficiently.

Financial Support – Removing Barriers, Empowering Access

The cost of medications and treatments can be a significant barrier for patients, leading to delays in starting therapy, non-adherence, and even treatment abandonment. Navigating complex insurance coverage, securing prior authorizations, and identifying relevant financial assistance programs can be a daunting task for both patients and healthcare providers.

The TeqNext AI Solution

  • Intelligent Benefits Verification
    TeqNext AI seamlessly integrates with providers to instantly verify patient insurance coverage, deductible status, and co-pay amounts, ensuring patients maximize their benefits.
  • Patient Assistance Navigation
    The platform guides patients through the PAP application process, assesses eligibility, and proactively follows up to ensure timely approvals and medication access.
  • Prior Authorization Streamlining
    AI-powered form generation, smart submission, and automated appeals simplify the prior authorization process, reducing administrative burdens and accelerating access to care.

Support and Therapy – Guiding Patients Towards Optimal Outcomes

Traditional support and therapy models often rely on generic protocols and reactive interventions, failing to address the unique needs and challenges of individual patients. This can lead to suboptimal adherence, delayed interventions, and missed opportunities to improve health outcomes.

The TeqNext AI Solution

  • Personalized Support Plans
    TeqNext AI assesses each patient's unique needs and dynamically generates personalized support plans with tailored guidance, resources, and self-management tools.
  • Proactive Engagement and Communication
    AI-driven outreach, omnichannel communication, and virtual support groups empower patients and foster a sense of community throughout their health journey.
  • Therapy Management and Optimization
    Medication adherence tracking, side effect monitoring, and treatment optimization ensure patients receive the best possible care and achieve their desired outcomes.

Outcome Management – Driving Continuous Improvement Through Data-Driven Insights

Traditional outcome management in PSPs often relies on manual data collection and limited analysis, making it difficult to identify trends, measure program effectiveness, and demonstrate value to stakeholders. This lack of comprehensive insights hinders the ability to optimize program strategies and achieve better patient outcomes.

The TeqNext AI Solution

  • Advanced Analytics and Machine Learning
    Leverages predictive modeling, root cause analysis, and comparative effectiveness research to uncover insights and optimize interventions.
  • Comprehensive Outcome Tracking
    Tracks clinical outcomes, adherence metrics, financial data, and patient satisfaction to gain a holistic view of program performance.
  • Personalized Interventions and Recommendations
    Generates tailored insights and proactive outreach to improve patient outcomes and drive continuous program improvement.

Accelerate Speed to Therapy with TeqNext AI

TeqNext AI for PSP is more than a technology platform; it’s a catalyst for transformation. Experience the power of AI to revolutionize the way you connect with patients, optimize operations, and drive meaningful results.

Why TeqNext AI ?

TeqNext AI is a unified tech stack that combines top-notch technological infrastructure. Say goodbye to multi-tool/software purchases; with TeqNext AI, you get a unified source of truth for all your busness needs

Enhanced Accuracy

TeqNext AI deliver high level of accuracy in PSP decisions

AI Expertize

Our team comprises certified professionals with extensive expertise in AI/ML technologies

Easy Migration & Adoption

We have best-in-class migration process that is as simple as it gets

Security & Reliability

We meet or surpass global life sciences industry security and data privacy standards

Learn how your business can benefit from TeqNext AI for streamlining patient support


What is TeqNext AI PSP?
TeqNext AI for PSP is an AI-driven solution designed to enhance and streamline Patient Services Programs (PSPs) for pharmaceutical companies and healthcare organizations. It leverages advanced technologies to optimize patient care, improve operational efficiency, and ensure personalized and effective support.
Who is it for?
TeqNext AI is designed for pharmaceutical companies, healthcare providers, patient support coordinators, and administrators involved in managing and delivering patient services programs.
How can TeqNext AI help with patient enrollment?
TeqNext AI simplifies and automates the patient enrollment process through multiple channels, ensuring a smooth and efficient onboarding experience. Use Cases - Online and physical Service Request Forms (SRFs), Healthcare provider referrals, Telephonic enrollment, Pharmacy-initiated enrollment, Mobile app interfaces
How does TeqNext AI assist in financial support and access?
TeqNext AI provides automated financial assistance and benefits verification to remove barriers to medication access and therapy adherence. Use Cases - Real-time benefits verification, Automated prior authorization processing, Patient Assistance Program (PAP) navigation, Appeals management
How can TeqNext AI enhance therapy management and support?
TeqNext AI offers continuous support throughout the patient’s therapy journey, including appointment scheduling, therapy-specific education, and personalized training. Use Cases - Centralized appointment scheduling, Automated appointment reminders, Personalized educational content delivery, In-home support via field visits, AI-driven virtual health assistants

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