Amazon Web Services(AWS) Cloud Modernization

Cloud Modernization

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For organizations to effectively scale operations and achieve growth, it has been become imperative to modernize legacy apps & existing cloud-first adopted strategy. By building high performant, resilient architecture & securing your mission critical applications we can help you attain business outcomes leveraging cloud capabilities

  • App Modernization
  • Database Modernization
  • Network & Security Modernization

At Teqfocus, we understand the power of cloud technology and its ability to make organizations more agile, efficient and cost-effective. As a premier AWS Solution Provider and AWS Managed Services Provider, we specialize in helping organizations take advantage of the cloud to modernize their IT infrastructure and meet their business goals.

Our AWS Cloud Optimization services are designed to help you maximize the advantages of the AWS cloud and reduce the complexity of your AWS cloud adoption journey. We help you identify and understand the benefits of cloud computing and ensure that you are taking advantage of cost-effective solutions with optimum performance. Our experts use best practices for AWS cloud migration and define the right architecture for your organization.


We provide a comprehensive suite of AWS cloud native services to help you stay agile and modernize your IT infrastructure. With our services, you can take advantage of the latest cloud technologies and applications, such as serverless computing, artificial intelligence, and machine learning. Our services are designed to help you increase your AWS cloud agility, optimize your costs and stay competitive.

We understand the importance of cloud modernization and the need to stay competitive in today’s digital world. Our team of experts can help you identify the best approach for your organization, and our AWS cloud services will ensure that you make the most of the cloud and its advantages.

We apply a four-prong methodology to cater your modernization requirements & help attain the best return on investments. This 360-degree approach caters to providing deployment cycles move faster, and efficiently with accelerated time to market for new updates, enhancements, and offerings for apps to be consumed and benefited by your customers by a focused process using

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Benefit from AWS services to handle dependencies, such as storage systems, databases and supporting software.

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Move towards attaining measured and incremental value at each delivery milestone.

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Keep customer at the focal point to deliver true outcomes anticipated from the activity.


Determine business Objective
Examine current state of architecture
Devise modernization strategy


Product Mindset
Map current state to planned outcomes
Architect for scalability, performance, resiliency & security


Cloud Native Replatforming
Container approach
Serverless Refactoring
Auto-scaled & logging enabled


Microservices architecture
Monitoring & alerting
Baseline ready for building scalable, high performant solutions

App Modernization

An App Modernization strategy is the key to success for your application’s growth and revenue. Leveraging the above outcomes driven framework, our focus is on discovering the business objective in tandem with customers product roadmap and strategy in order for the under apps to attain the right planned outcomes.

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Given minimal effort, with literally no-code changes transition your current environments as-is onto cloud allowing apps to work with cloud native technologies
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Using the latest Kubernetes framework as an AWS EKS service, we help customers spin- up their applications running on containers that are easy to orchestrate, auto-scale, track and monitor using third party toolchain.


AWS Cloud offers several serverless services that apps can use to scale and deploy quickly than ever before utilizing the full power of cloud computing

Database Modernization

Database Modernization strategy is essential to support the effective functioning of your cloud-native application. Using the current DB types on AWS Cloud gives you the power to leverage maximum uptime, replication of databases within a few seconds, standby instances, and much more.

Migration: Given the business objective and your data for application, we can help you understand how to move your critical database instances to the cloud without any downtime and losing any of your information. If there is a better technology to support your database, we ensure to provide recommendations so that you can benefit from scalable and highly available databases giving you the best ROI.

Cloud-native: AWS Cloud gives you a choice of getting rid of the overhead of managing DBs by your admins. Now, simply spin off databases serverless and focus on development and building your apps instead of spending hours fixing schemas and table-related issues.

Network & Security Modernization

Cloud adoption has changed the boundaries of remote and cloud locations, redefining what’s required of localized data centres and enterprise-wide networks. This approach will help you design new processes to integrate your legacy systems and launch new applications in the cloud with the right set of security perimeter.

Well defined policies: We can help you define the right set of policies to secure your network perimeter filtering and protecting your business applications.

Built to scale: Networks are complex to build & need the right expertise. We are adept in building the right network configurations to support your operations.

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