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Whether you are looking for specialist knowledge or delivery bandwidth our team is on call to deliver high quality, high value, and cost-effective solutions designed for your cloud needs

Teqfocus - AWS consulting partner
As an

AWS Consulting Partner

, Teqfocus is equipped and committed to supporting all your computing, storage, database, security, and networking cloud requirements. Our team of certified solution architects and verified professionals offer the requisite domain knowledge and technical experience for your cloud migrations, test automation, deployment, and ongoing optimization.

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Who We Are

Our team of AWS experts has decades of experience in consulting, implementing, and supporting clients with their AWS journey. Optimize your cloud investments across public and hybrid clouds with a partner offering end-to-end services as an extension of your technology team.

Our fundamental purpose on each project that we run is to focus on the customer first. We don’t wish to be a partner that implements AWS for you, but we aim to be your co-partner in your journey of driving value and utilization from AWS.  

Ace Singh

VP Cloud Infrastructure

“To live is to Learn” has been Ace’s motto for the last 20 years. He’s been a successful young entrepreneur in various businesses, delivered impressive ROI as a B2B marketer, and earned a ...

Shivang Dixit

Strategic Account Manager

“Learning to unlearn and continue to learn” – is a statement that acts as a change agent in Shivang’s personal & professional life. Shivang is someone who believes in the power of...

Sudeep Dhed

Cloud Solutions Architect

Sudeep has been fascinated with technology for as long as he can remember. With over 10 years of experience, he specializes in providing innovative solutions for ...

Daniel Heckeroth

Account Executive

For over the last 7 years, Danny has been on his cloud journey by working with top cloud solutions providers and working hand-in-hand with various clients from all over the world. Although ...

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Find the perfect partner in Teqfocus and create your route towards digitalization.

  • We at Teqfocus ensure high availability and scalability
  • Reduce development time to ensure a more robust and lesser time-to-market process
  • Better cloud management efficiency with Teqfocus
  • 10% extra to power your customer journey because we believe in going the extra mile

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