6 Ultimate Benefits of Salesforce Implementation for Ed. Tech. Companies: 2021

6 Ultimate Benefits of Salesforce Implementation for Ed. Tech. Companies: 2021


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The education industry has seen a tremendous transformation over the past year, with technology becoming an integral part of the learning process. The sudden shift to remote learning due to the pandemic has made educational institutions increasingly reliant on technology to manage their online courses. To efficiently manage their customer relationships, educational institutions of all sizes are now turning to Salesforce and its Education Cloud solution. As a Salesforce Ridge Consulting Partner and consultancy, Teqfocus can enable and implement the CRM for you and make the process of educating the world easier.
What is Salesforce Education Cloud?
As a comprehensive solution for customer relationship management (CRM), Salesforce offers a single platform to manage all customer data and helps educational institutions to streamline their processes. The Salesforce Education Cloud is specifically designed for the education industry and offers a variety of tools to help institutions manage their students and faculty. Let’s look at some of the benefits of Salesforce CRM and the advantages of using Salesforce CRM for higher education.
1. Student Data Management
Salesforce provides a comprehensive system for managing student data right from the application process till the time they graduate or complete their program. With Salesforce, educational institutions can easily manage all their data in one place and ensure an effective and efficient customer relationship. We offer a software solution that is tailored to the institution’s needs and is integrated with the Salesforce CRM and Salesforce Education Cloud.

6 Ultimate Benefits of Salesforce Implementation for Ed. Tech. Companies: 2021

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2. Internal Dashboard for Faculty
Communication is key in a virtual world, and Salesforce makes it easier for educational institutions to stay connected with their students and faculty. We have created an internal dashboard for the faculty that enables easy communication between the faculty and the students. This dashboard is highly effective and cost-efficient and is integrated with the features offered by the Salesforce Education Cloud.
3. Parents’ Dashboard/Portal
Salesforce offers the flexibility to customize the CRM to meet the needs of each educational institution. We offer an option to create a parent portal or dashboard to enable direct communication between the faculty and the parents. This helps in ensuring a smooth exchange of information and helps in maintaining a healthy relationship between the faculty and parents.
4. Marketing with Salesforce Marketing Cloud
Marketing is a crucial part of any business, and educational institutions are no different. With the Salesforce Marketing Cloud, Educational institutions can now track their marketing ideas, open queries, and other tasks in one place. The Salesforce CRM, Salesforce Education Cloud, and the Salesforce Marketing Cloud provide the flexibility to create an effective and impactful marketing strategy for the digital age.
5. Automation of Learning Processes
Time is of the essence for any business, and Salesforce offers the ability to automate tedious, time-consuming tasks. We can automate processes such as career counseling, classroom learning, tracking task updates, growth tracking, and more. The Salesforce CRM and Salesforce Education Cloud enable educational institutions to create dashboards to help students easily keep track of their activities.
This automation includes automating processes of career counseling or classroom learning through the end until the placement season arrives. Few examples of such automation are tracking the task updates of each student, be it related to assignment submissions or resume building. The dashboards created with the Salesforce CRM and Salesforce Education Cloud in integration enable students to keep track of all activities right from the beginning. Growth tracking, finding loopholes in the study plans or past performance, staying on top of upcoming submissions, etc are all examples of the automated aspects of a CRM dashboard for students.
6. Continued Support
Having implemented the Salesforce CRM for a great number of happy clients, we ensure that we offer the best support for you as well. Just building the platform or enabling the software solution is not enough. It is then important to also maintain the software’s integrity. Doing that comes with a great deal of responsibility in maintaining the sanity of the Salesforce CRM and the Salesforce Education Cloud. We do that for you and your ease of educating the world. /div>
Every educational institution has its own set of requirements. Thankfully, the Salesforce CRM offers the flexibility to customize the software solutions to the institutions’ particular needs. We, as a Salesforce Ridge Consulting Partner, offer the best of the best solutions for our clients and ensure the healthy implementation of the Salesforce CRM as well as the Salesforce Education Cloud.
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