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Jumpstart Salesforce Implementation Services: Must-Know Facts

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As a Salesforce Ridge Consulting Partner, Teqfocus enables clients to jumpstart their Salesforce journey smoothly. Our consultants work with you closely in order to enable Salesforce for all your needs such as setting up the CRM, Sales cloud, Marketing cloud, Service cloud, Community cloud, CPQ, Pardot, and more. What started as a mere sales and marketing platform has now been transformed with many more features for Salesforce users. Salesforce consulting provides a vast range of services like process-automations, marketing cloud automations, data-predictions, social media management, etc.
However, we understand that as a new Salesforce user or a business professional, it can be daunting and time consuming to implement the vast range of services offered by Salesforce. Salesforce makes our lives easier with Salesforce Jumpstart. Teqfocus simplifies the process further by serving all your Salesforce Jumpstart implementation needs. In case you are wondering about what you need to know for implementing
salesforce Jumpstart, here are five must-know facts about SFDC Jumpstart.
1. Automate Your Everyday Tasks Easily with Salesforce
Most of the problems in a business could be solved with one simple solution – automation. Automation is a key factor when managing tons of data for a business’ marketing or sales needs. With Salesforce Jumpstart Implementation, automation no longer needs to be a hassle. Saving valuable work hours is extremely easy with SFDC Jumpstart. Teqfocus implements your salesforce needs in a customized manner.

Jumpstart Salesforce Implementation Services: Must-Know Facts

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2. Saving On Tools Made Easier
Every successful business has a few departments. All these now need their own set of data maintenance. However, with Salesforce Jumpstart, it doesn’t necessarily mean that a business would need separate tools for each of those data sets. Salesforce offers easy solutions for Sales cloud, Service cloud, Marketing cloud, Commerce cloud, Manufacturing cloud and more. All this ends up costing a great deal of money that goes out of a business’ profits, which can easily be saved up simply by implementing Salesforce Jumpstart.
3. Improve Customer Relationship Management
Over a period, it can become practically impossible to keep track of the customer data manually. However, with a CRM implementation, all those hassles can be solved with a single solution. Once a CRM like SFDC is implemented with Salesforce Jumpstart, it becomes easier for your team to manage the data.
Teqfocus also helps clients/users to manage their CRM needs on Salesforce Jumpstart from time to time. It allows you to automate prompts for reminders to get back to important customers, not lose out on potential buyers or quality leads and keep your relationship with your customer rock-solid.
4. Poor Communication in the Workplace – No More!
We say it day in and day out – without communication, all businesses eventually fall through the cracks. The internal communication of the salespeople and intra-organization communication of teams such as Sales and Marketing are crucial for the success of an organization. Salesforce Jumpstart offers an easy way out for this. By easily updating information about the customers, products or any other item of agenda directly on the CRM, all team members and stakeholders stay up to date with the latest information. This makes it easier for teams to understand situations and reduces mistakes more efficiently.
Paperwork, yet another problem for small and medium level business, reduces the efficiency of employees as tasks such as reporting end up taking longer time than required. With Salesforce Jumpstart, maintaining records becomes easier for your team. Much of the information is readily available most of the time. The information excluded from Salesforce records can also be easily recorded and reported with easy solutions.

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5. Implementing Salesforce Jumpstart with a Salesforce Partner is Hassle-Free!
Most small and medium businesses assume that hiring a Salesforce partner would end up costing much more and would be more time-consuming. That, however, is simply a myth. Hire a salesforce partner, identify an executive lead, set up realistic and important timeframes/deadlines, identify key decision makers, take the insights of the end user into account, maintain the data and you’re good to go.
Hiring a Salesforce Consulting Partner for Salesforce Jumpstart Implementation is easy, saves a great deal of time as well as money and serves higher purposes which in turn improve the performance and revenue of clients.
Interested in learning more, or seeing if outsourcing makes sense for you? Reach out to us at sales@teqfocus.com and we would be happy to connect with you about your needs and requirements or customized jumpstart price list. Teqfocus is a Salesforce Ridge Consulting Partner and application development firm, with a decade of experience in offering Managed Services for Salesforce clients large and small.