Benefits of Outsourcing Your Salesforce Administration

Benefits of Outsourcing Your Salesforce Administration


Benefits of Outsourcing Your Salesforce Administration

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Salesforce is the perfect platform for your company only if you know the best way to make the most of it. Many organizations say that they are disappointed in the time lost in dealing with Salesforce administration tool and finding a balance between paying internal staff to manage and maintain their instance and raising operational budgets.

So, what should such companies do? A viable alternative to optimize and manage your CRM is to outsource your Salesforce administration to a managed services company. In this blog, we explain why you should consider outsourcing your Salesforce administrator and the benefits of outsourcing.

Why should you consider outsourcing Salesforce support and administrator?

Outsourcing is a compelling option for many businesses who are finding it hard to continue their business activities smoothly, especially with the current health pandemic gripping the world. By outsourcing your Salesforce instance to a trusted firm, your organization can benefit from increased efficiency in focusing on your company’s core goals, gain value from your Salesforce instance through quick support, administration and the rollout of new features with an experienced outsourced team, and managing the costs associated to Salesforce administration with a known, fixed cost. Let’s explore these benefits in more depth.

Increased efficiency

A major surprise, that many Salesforce customers have when they begin their journey, is just how robust all of the possible features the platform offers. As companies continue to utilize Salesforce (which we highly recommend) they will soon find themselves managing not just core sales or support CRM functionality, but also customer engagement, marketing automation, analytics, commerce, communities and custom application development. The absolute truth is that to properly administer a robust Salesforce instance, you need to either allow your administration team the time to learn new feature sets (which leads to a time gap as your staff become experienced), hire multiple administrators for your team, or find a different application which is seen as an easier application to use, but can and will lead to multiple silos of data, and more complexity to your integration requirements. When you outsource your Salesforce instance, a robust outsourced administration team will have the pool of resources to bring in the needed expertise when you need it, so that your resource’s valuable time can be focused on company endeavors and not internal operational activities.


As we discussed above, Salesforce is a very robust platform, with multiple clouds available to assist your business in long-term success. A well-managed Salesforce instance is achieved when your administrative team has the experience and expertise in the theory and practice in all the clouds and features you use at your company. This expertise comes from hands-on implementation, administration and support of these features. And as Salesforce adds more and more features with every new release, it becomes harder for one Salesforce resource to have the experience and expertise in all the different facets of the platform that make Salesforce so powerful. When outsourcing your Salesforce instance to a trusted Managed Services partner, your team can pull in the needed experience at the right time. Do you want to implement a new complex process for managing an opportunity through a complex CPQ process you have for usage-based products? Want to take your community to the next level by developing the branding to meet your corporate branding standards? Or do you want to add multiple sales cadences for your inside reps after implementing High-Velocity Sales? By outsourcing, you will have access to the resources you need when you need them, with experienced resources.


Finding, hiring and retaining experienced internal Salesforce administrators (and any employee) is one of the largest concerns that companies have these days. According to statistics available on the topic, one-third of employees are actively looking for a new job within six months of starting a new one, 23 per cent of employees don’t make it to their first anniversary, and the operational costs of employee turnover is estimated between 100 and 300 per cent of the lost employee’s annual salary. Along with this, it typically takes employees six to eight months before they reach their full productivity level. All of this can lead to a true cost to administrating your Salesforce that is much larger than first budgeted for, and in time, the variances in the quality and speed in which your Salesforce is maintained can have an impact on your success as a company, and in the trust, you have in the platform. When you outsource your Salesforce administration and management, your costs are now defined and valued at a price understood at the onset of your contract. The concerns on what happens not only to your instance but to your budget if your administrator leaves are no longer a concern. This budgetary structure makes outsourcing a very valid option, not just for enterprise-sized organizations, but small and medium businesses as well. Outsourcing your Salesforce instance becomes a viable option, your company can optimize your instance, gain insight and velocity from experienced resources, and gain control of the true budgetary costs of Salesforce administration. Interested in learning more, or seeing if outsourcing makes sense for you? Reach out to us at and we would be happy to talk to you about your needs and requirements.

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