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5 Unique Salesforce Features to Make Your Daily Tasks Easy


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Salesforce, the most used CRM, has several features and functionality to offer, but there are some unique and creative Salesforce features and benefits that can enable any company or organization to get as much out of them. Let’s look at a few of the best Salesforce features and see how they can help you work smarter.
When it comes to the greatest CRMs, it’s nearly impossible to forget the name Salesforce. Along with being one of the best in the game, Salesforce CRM has many distinct features and functions that make it stand out in a cool and unique way from the rest. Here are a few distinctive service cloud Salesforce features that will make your day-to-day tasks easy to manage.
Manage your dashboard
Salesforce is a massive database that holds all of the company’s important and crucial day-to-day data. The Salesforce dashboard, one of the best salesforce features and the biggest unique selling points of the product, aggregates data into visually appealing representations. For example, in the form of charts, bar diagrams, pie charts, tables, funnel charts, leader boards, graphs, and more. Salesforce dashboards display data that the dashboard’s active user has access to, and they allow you to exhibit numerous reports side by side on a single dashboard page layout using dashboard components.
Home Page Reminders
On the main page of Salesforce Lightning, you may customize the canvas and add as many components as you want. There are a number of different to-do style widgets available, all of which are exclusive to the home page and are intended to help the employees remain on top of their work. All of your employees’ reminders can be found in one place when you use the right combination of widgets on their home screens, such as Assistant Today’s, Tasks Today’s, Events Items to Approve, and so on. This transforms Salesforce Lightning’s default view into a command center that helps them plan out their day.
Build a Custom User Experience
Another important Salesforce feature is the ability to build UI and apps using the same API that Salesforce utilizes for Lightning Experiences and the Salesforce Mobile App. The User Interface API allows users to create apps and web pages that respond to changes in admin metadata as well as all other features. You may construct basic mobile apps and personalize the online apps with customized branding and outlook utilizing the new Salesforce API.
Email Synchronization
To make sure that every email conversation or thread is kept inside the CRM and the system, the service cloud Salesforce features provide email synchronization function (touted as the most favored and one of the best Salesforce features). Without having to manually cut and paste information or conversation threads, users can now “sync” their emails with their CRM accounts smoothly.
Salesforce Steelbrick
Salesforce CPQ is basically a third-party AppExchange solution called Salesforce Steelbrick that is aimed largely at SMBs and mid-sized businesses. It enables businesses to provide highly personalized pricing and quotes to various clients.
There are many such Salesforce features and tools that are customized for small businesses and large-scale enterprises, which is why businesses are looking for Salesforce partners to help them integrate those features while also giving more customized solutions with ease. Teqfocus holds a record of having seasoned Salesforce professionals who have decades of experience in providing exactly what the customer needs. Whether it is getting more sales in less time, aiding sales representatives in completing tasks more quickly using Salesforce CRM, or merging the data and functionality of Salesforce with another application, our experts will know exactly what the process is. Get in touch with our Salesforce pioneers at sales@teqfocus.com to know how your company can benefit from using these Salesforce features and tools.

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